Shadows #1



There was a spoiler that Jason was going to be involved in the Elizabeth killing Zander nonsense that briefly permeated the world in 2004. Of course, now we know Elizabeth didn’t kill Zander — the poor bastard was killed in a hail of gunfire.

But anyway. I chose to write this as a response.


Set in March 2004. Ric is aware Elizabeth killed Zander in the fire, but no one else knows. Jason and Courtney are on the outs, headed for divorce. Sonny and Carly are making each other miserable. Sam’s hanging around. It’s pretty basic.

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So I was about four chapters from the end when I chose to rewrite this. The second Shadows is about half as long and says relatively focused on Elizabeth’s recovery. Why did I rewrite it?

I wrote Shadows at a point where I always felt pressured to make Ric the bad guy, and in this story, his storyline doesn’t feel right. The rewrite, I think, is closer to the characters. Additionally, the way I dealt with the Sonny/Carly/Michael/Jason storyline didn’t work for me. I think, again, the sequel was better.

However, I did plot out the end of the story so once I finsh posting all the available chapters of the first version, I’ll post the plot sketch for the ending so you can at least see how it should have ended.


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