A Second Chance


This story begins on December 24, 2002. Everything up to that point happened.

Ha. I just wanted to preserve the above line, because I’m pretty sure that that’s the background that’s been on this story since I posted it at the original Crimson Glass website in 2004. Good grief. I don’t really remember what inspired this story now, except a desire to make all the bad stuff of Fall 2002 go away and do it in a Christmas story while finally using some stuff from 1999. How young and innocent I used to be, believing that the crap that year was the worst the morons at GH could throw at us. Ha.


This story picks up December 24, 2002. Crash course in Liason History: Elizabeth walks out on Jason that October, the ridiculous nonsense of Courtney and Jason has started but that’s not entirely relevant because it never comes up.