Another Dumb Blonde


In February of 2003, shortly after Ric came to the show, he started working for Carly at The Cellar as her manager. Faith drugged Carly, and Ric took advantage of the situation by bringing Carly to a motel and pretended to have slept with her. I was happy that they did treat this like the terrible thing that it was — Carly definitely had been sexually violated, and both Sonny and Jason saw it that way. However, when Jason told Elizabeth, she didn’t believe him and that upset me.

I do think I wrote this story before most of it unfolded — either I wrote it as soon as it started or with spoilers because I definitely didn’t think they’d portray Elizabeth as being so insensitive to a sexual assault survivor.


In 2003, on the eve of Jax and Brenda’s wedding and Carly’s new club opening (The Cellar, beneath Kelly’s), Sonny and Brenda kissed. I know Jax saw it, and I think maybe Carly did, too. Either way, she knew about it and was upset at the club opening. She was drinking, and Faith drugged her. Ric found her and decided to take advantage of it. He took her to a motel, undressed her, and told Carly they’d slept together. If she didn’t want him to tell Sonny, she’d have to help him. At this point, Elizabeth and Ric had only really begun dating and Jason and Courtney were together. In this story, I’m not interested in dealing with Courtney so I ship her off almost immediately, lol.