Sliding Doors


This is set in the spring of 2006, when Patrick and Robin were still lightly flirting. They were so freaking cute, lol. This is set before the drama with Noah’s liver and the donation.


Robin and Patrick are my second favorite couple in GH history, and Patrick is a ride or die His dimples were the inspiration, let’s be real.

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Robin Scorpio stepped onto the elevator and pressed the button for the second basement where the vending machines were kept. She’d had a craving for a bag of M&Ms since she’d clocked in earlier that morning and there had finally been a break in her schedule.

Before the doors closed, a hand shot out, and Patrick Drake followed.

“And my day was going so well,” Robin breathed. She pressed her lips together and stared at the row of numbers above the doors, watching as ten became nine and nine became eight…

“If you keep making that face, eventually it will get stuck like that.” Patrick smirked at her but Robin resolutely kept her eyes on the numbers. Six became five and five became four.

Finally, she turned to him. “You really just don’t like rejection do you?” She tapped her fingers against the folder in her hands. “You keep asking me out, you keep…pursuing me…because I said no when everyone else says yes.” She shook her head and looked back at the numbers. Three became two and two become one.

“It’s possible,” Patrick allowed. “I’ve never really had to worry about it before.” He shrugged. “Why don’t you just prove yourself right and say yes?”

“Because it would have defeated the purpose in saying no in the first place,” Robin said staunchly. One become basement one and she waited for the doors to open.

As the elevator dinged, Patrick reached out and pressed the doors closed button. “And you only said no to prove a point so I don’t think either one of us is winning.”

“I didn’t know this was a contest,” Robin replied sweetly. “Would you please let me out of the elevator?”

“Fine.” Patrick released the button and the doors slid open. Robin started to step out and he snagged her arm. “But first…”

He swung her into the circle of his arms–her folder slid to the floor–and covered her mouth with his own. Her emotions whirled and skidded as she considered pulling away. Instead she let her eyes flutter shut, giving herself over to him.

After a long moment, during which the doors tried to close no less than three times, Patrick finally stepped back and released her. He nudged her out of the elevator so she was standing in the hallway. He stooped down and retrieved her folder from the floor. “I’ll just let you think about that for a while,” he said handing it out to her.

She took it almost numbly and after a second, she realized he was still in the elevator. “Isn’t this your floor?”

Patrick gave a smile at sent her pulse skipping again. “I’m due on the tenth floor actually. Catch you later, Dr. Scorpio.” He pressed the button to close the doors and his grin widened as they slid shut on her bewildered expression.


  • Love it! Patrick and Robin were one of my favorites… they were just so cute together…

    According to Tish on May 10, 2024
  • Love it! Patrick and Robin were one of my favorites… they were just so cute together…

    According to Tish on May 10, 2024