I have no idea where this is in GH timeline. I’m assuming it’s it’s in 2002. Song is Two Rivers (Avril Lavigne)

Inspiration &  Timeline

This was set just before Luis Alcazar was murdered in November 2002, but after Jason and Brenda got married. Brenda thought she was ill, and Jason promised to take care of her. Song is Two Rivers by Avril Lavigne. YouTube Video embedded below.


Jason stands on the docks after Sonny leaves and stares out over the chilly water. Brenda’s not sick.

The three words have changed his entire life. He no longer has to go to Europe to watch her fade away.

He doesn’t have to leave Elizabeth.

Like two rivers flow
to the open sea
Someday we’ll reunite
for all eternity

As if on cue, he hears her voice behind him. “Jason?”

He turns around and looks at her at the top of the stairs. “Elizabeth.”

“I thought you were leaving,” Elizabeth says softly.

“I don’t have to anymore,” Jason replies.

Let the rain falling on your face
Run in to your eyes
Can you see the rainbow now
Through the stormy skies

She comes down the stairs and stands at his side. “What’s changed since this afternoon?” she asks.

“I found out Brenda’s not sick,” Jason answers. “She’s fine—she’s not going to die.”

“That’s great,” Elizabeth says sincerely. She bites her lip. “What does that mean for you?”

“I guess it means we don’t have to be married anymore,” Jason replies. He turns slightly so he’s facing her.

Like two rivers flow
to the open sea
Someday we’ll reunite
for all eternity

“Guess you’re glad about that,” Elizabeth says. She meets his eyes. “Is that all it means?”

He takes a step closer. “Did you mean what you said earlier?” he asks.

“What did I say?” she asks in return, her voice low and breathy.

Like two rivers flow
to the open sea
Someday we’ll reunite
for all eternity

“You said see you later,” Jason clarifies. “Did you say that because it would be a while before that happened…or did you really mean it?”

She gives him a little nervous. “That depends…did you mean what you said?”

“What did I say?” Jason asks.

Standing in the rising tide
Heaven’s light shines on you
On you, on you

“You said I mattered,” Elizabeth whispers. “That I always had. Did you really mean it?”

“Yeah.” He touches her cheek and she closes her eyes. “Can we get past what happened?”

“I really want to,” Elizabeth replies. She opens her eyes and searches his. “I want to be with you—is that still true for you?”

Test the sea rising at your feet
How far can you go
Til you need God’s helping hand
To ride the under-tow

“It’s always been true for me,” Jason replies honestly. “Will you give me a second chance?”

“Will you give me one?” she asks instead. “Because I walked out the first time we had a problem—and I should have—I should have tried harder.”

“I didn’t give you much choice,” Jason says. “I miss you.”

Like two rivers flow
to the open sea
Someday we’ll reunite
for all eternity

“I miss you, too,” Elizabeth replies. She steps closer. “So…are we going to try this again?”

“If that’s what you want,” Jason answers.

She smiles a little. “What do you want, Jason?”

Someday we’ll reunite
for all eternity

“You,” Jason replies. “It’s always been you.”

He leans down and brushes his lips against hers lightly. When he pulls away, her eyes are closed.

“It’s always been you, too,” she whispers.

Someday we’ll reunite
for all eternity


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