Murphy’s Law

Prompt: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Furious, she pressed on the gas pedal, spurring her much abused car to leap ahead a little bit.

“No good son of a bitch,” she muttered. She ignored the stop sign and sped ahead, angry words hissing through her teeth like steam rising from a tea kettle. “When I find him, I’ll kill him.”

Ignoring the blares of the horns and the yells of outraged drivers, Elizabeth Webber breezed through a red light.

Predictably, she soon noticed the familiar red flashing lights behind her. “Is there no justice?” she screeched. Pulling the car to a sudden and abrupt halt, the police car behind her was forced to swerve off the road in order to avoid crashing into the back of her ancient hatchback.

She threw the car into park and launched herself out of the car, murder on her mind. “Do you have a problem?” she demanded, hotly.

The police officer threw open his door and stalked towards her, his blue eyes cold as ice. “Have you lost your mind lady?”

“Yes!” Elizabeth threw her hands up in the air. “Yes! Can’t you tell? I only broke a thousand traffic laws back there! Obviously I’m in a hurry!”

“You were going fifty in a twenty, you lunatic,” the officer growled. “You ran three stop signs and two red lights. Where the hell are you going in such a hurry?”

“To take a baseball bat to my husband’s knees,” Elizabeth hissed. She reached inside her car and withdrew the object in question. A good old fashioned wooden bat. The officer took a step back and she rolled her eyes. “Oh, please, the only person I’m going to be injuring is that fuck ass.”

He reached forward and grasped the bat. “Give me it,” he directed.

“No.” She yanked it back. “That son of a bitch is going to know pain when I’m done with him!”

“Okay, okay.” He set his notepad on the top of her car. “Look, I can see that you’re very angry but that’s no reason to put the lives of everyone else on road at risk.”

Elizabeth hesitated, her eyes darting back to the last intersection she’d just come through. “Sorry.”

“Well…sorry’s not going to be good enough.” The officer reached behind him and she paled, seeing he was going for his handcuffs.

“Look, okay maybe I was a little out of hand, you know? I was pissed–a-and just going on instinct.” Elizabeth set the baseball bat down on the road. “I’ll take the ticket, the fine whatever–”

“I’m sorry, Mrs.–”

“Miss Webber, I didn’t take his name,” she retorted. Taking a deep breath. “Okay, I know I’m probably guilty of reckless driving and all of that good stuff and you have every right to be mad at me because I’ve been acting like a serious madwoman but really–there’s no need to…” she swallowed hard, her eyes trained on the silver bracelet-shaped objects in his hands.

“It’s the law–”

“He’s been cheating on me,” Elizabeth said desperately, “And it’s with my sister, you know? I mean, that’s going to piss anyone off, right?”

“Well, yeah–”

“And it’s been going on since before we were married. And that’s like five years we’re talking about,” Elizabeth continued, her words coming quickly, her face becoming flushed from the strain. “Seriously, if you run my license and my name–I have no tickets, no record, really.”

With a sigh, the officer tucked the cuffs back into his pocket and pulled the cap off his head, wiping his forehead with his forearm. “Here’s what I’m going to do, Miss Webber. I’m going to take your word on it. You don’t seem like the type to do this kind of driving normally, okay? Just…do me a favor and go home.”

Elizabeth sighed and ran her hands through her hair, the sides of her bulk coat parting, revealing her to be in an advanced state of pregnancy. “I don’t have a home,” she muttered.

“I’m sorry–what?”

“I don’t have a home,” Elizabeth bit out, her eyes flashing. “He locked me out of the house.”

“Okay, we’ll just get a locksmith–”

“You obviously don’t know who my husband is–” her eyes flicked down to the little name tag beneath his badge, “–Officer Morgan.”

Officer Jason Morgan frowned. He knew from the moment she’d leapt out of the car that she’d looked familiar. “Oh, shit.”

“Yeah,” Elizabeth agreed with a bemused smile. “You probably know him.”

“Commissioner Richard Lansing,” they said together.

“Okay…” Jason cocked his head to the side. “Okay, so what about a friend’s house?”

“The only friend I had in this godforsaken town was my sister–and if I go there, you’d better believe someone’s not coming out.”

“Well…we’ve got another problem.” He gestured to where her car had just conked out. She’d left it running but it had just…stopped. With a loud huff.

“Oh…no…” Elizabeth sat down, her legs dangling into the street. She turned the ignition off and then tried to start again. “Come on–ow!”

Concerned he started forward at her outcry of pain. “Are you okay?”

“Must be Murphy’s Law,” Elizabeth said through clenched teeth. She took a few deep breaths. “You know–where everything that can go wrong…will go wrong?”


“My water just broke.”

“Oh. Well…shit.”


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