Flash Fiction: Watch Me Burn – Part 53

This entry is part 53 of 56 in the Flash Fiction: Watch Me Burn

Written in 56 minutes.

Car: Front Seat

Never again would she watch a thriller or a horror movie and be angry with the stupid girl who made all the wrong choices and ended up dead—

Then again, Elizabeth likely wasn’t going to be watching any more movies after today, but if she survived — she’d never again judge that stupid girl for running up the stairs and not out the door—

You had a split second to make your choices. Not even that really. Every nerve, every cell in her body had flooded with fear, terror. This madman—this psychotic lunatic who kept babbling about how she and Robin were his perfect girls, his finale, his masterpiece—he’d been so close to her babies. To the boys she loved more than anything on this planet, and she’d just wanted him away.

And now she was next to him, speeding along the road, Robin locked in a trunk, and Ben Davis, the security tech she’d only vaguely noticed before today, driving them towards some public place suitable for their murders.

He’d kill Elizabeth first, she knew. And then drag Robin out of the trunk and kill her, too. Could she have done something else? Maybe there would have been time to get inside the penthouse and keep him away—but what if he’d had a key? He’d been able to get in the elevator hadn’t he?

And in the elevator, in the parking garage, he’d murdered that guard and she didn’t even know his name. He hadn’t blinked. Just shot him twice — could they have run? Where? To the elevator? Through the parking garage?

No, she’d never judge that silly girl in the movies ever again.

Elizabeth licked her lips, tried to focus, her eyes darting around madly. They’d been on Harborview Road, speeding out of downtown and towards the hills — past the estates where the Quartermaines and Barringtons and other members of Port Charles society lived — public didn’t have to mean where people were, she realized now. It just meant out in the open.

He could take them into the woods and murder them. No one would know where they’d ended up, would they? She’d left her cell phone on the phone.

She caught something in the side mirror — an SUV traveling behind them, and relief flooded so suddenly she had to bit down hard on her lip, tasting the metallic tang of blood, because otherwise she might have begun to sob.

That was Jason. Somehow, he’d already found them. He knew where she was. And maybe he wouldn’t be in time to save her, but Robin and her baby —

But maybe they were due a miracle. He was there—

“Damn it!” Ben swore, and her head swung sharply, horrified to realize he’d looked in his own rearview mirror. And of course, oh God, of course he’d recognize Jason’s SUV. He probably knew the license plate from upgrading the security on it.

“Not this time,” the lunatic muttered, his fingers flexing at the wheel. “Not this time. He won’t be here to save you. Not this time.”


He’d followed the strange car for what felt like forever before Spinelli had called back, his voice tinny and thin on the speakerphone that bled out of the dashboard. “The phone signal is on Harborview Road — it’s pinging from the tower near Vista Point —

“Got it,” Jason said.

“But Stone Cold, there was a shooting,” Spinelli continued, his tone thready, laced with nerves. “Guard down stairs in the parking garage. Cameras. Wally said it was Ben.”


Ben Davis.

He’d owned the security company before Jason had bought it out after Sonny had left him in charge all those years ago, He still did — on paper. It was easier to employ guards through the front. It looked more legit than having their private army, which was closer to the truth, and Sonny had kept the fiction alive after he’d taken back control. Ben had never been part of the inner circle, but—

He’d had access to it all long.

The man Jason had known for more than a decade had murdered his sister. Had kidnapped Elizabeth and Robin, had killed Sam —

“Okay,” Jason said, his voice flat. Toneless. He wouldn’t let the horror of it take over. Couldn’t. One focus. One mission.

He pressed on the gas pedal. He was right behind them. Nothing would hurt her. “I need you to make sure Sonny knows that. And Robert. Call him. Everyone, Spinelli. I’m on Harborview—damn it!”

Jason slammed on the brakes, and the SUV started to skid, spinning in a circle — but it was too late — he’d missed the turn —

Ben’s car had abruptly swerved onto the access road leading up into the hills, toward the bridge over Rice Creek — where Robin had spent so much time with Stone, where Jason had kissed her for the first time — where he’d taken Elizabeth and taught her to the box —

But it had been an abrupt turn and Jason had missed it — and now he was behind him — even if he sped up —

“Stone Cold?” Spinelli’s panicked voice broke through. “What’s wrong?”

“They’re going towards Rice Creek,” Jason said. “But I’m behind them now. Tell everyone.” And he cut the call. He had to focus.

He had to believe he’d be in time.

PCPD: Commissioner’s Office

“I really don’t need this headache,” Mac said, stalking away from the window and glaring at Harper. “Jason Morgan isn’t really a suspect—we’ll get the meeting set up later with Diane. I need to know where we are on our short list of suspects—”

“We need to snip this end,” Harper continued, but Mac just scowled at him. “Can you focus on what the press is going—”

“I don’t give a god damn what the press is going to do—” The phone at his belt vibrated, and Mac snatched it up. “Yeah?”

“Mac, he’s got Robin.”

Robert’s tense words flattened Mac’s world, and then everything spun. “What?”

“She’s in the trunk of a car possibly on Harborview Road—what? Wait—”

“Don’t tell me to wait, goddamn it,” Mac snapped. But there were other voices, something else happening in the background. “Robert!”

“Spinelli on Spencer’s phone. They’re heading for Rice Creek. Suspect is Ben Davis. Get everyone there. Now.”

The line went dead, and Mac clenched his hand around the phone for just a second before focusing on Harper. “Rice Creek bridge. Get every available patrol car on their way. He’s got Robin. Ben Davis is the guy.”

“Ben Davis? He’s on the short list, but how—”

“Goddamn it—” Mac’s hand flashed out, and gripped Harper’s shirt in a vicious grip. “Do what I said! Shut the fuck up and get everyone to Rice Creek! Now!” He released Harper who stumbled away, then dashed out the door.

Mac took a deep breath, then looked at his phone—and searched through his contacts until he found Patrick’s number.

Car: Trunk

“Daddy? What’s going on?” Robin’s voice trembled as she tried to get her father back on the line. Robert had been talking to her, but then his voice had become muffled, and she was terrified. What if he’d lost them? What if—

“Robin. Honey. We know where you’re going. We know where you are. We’re coming. Okay? We’re going to be there—”


“Rice Creek. And baby, Jason is right behind you. He was following, all right? And we’re maybe five minutes behind.”

“Two,” came Lucky’s faint voice. “Less if I can manage. Hold on, Robin. We’re coming.”

Robin felt the car begin to slow, her pulse racing. And then she yelped as she abruptly slid forward against the wall that separated the trunk from the back of the car.

Oh. Oh, no.

The car had stopped.


“The car stopped.” She felt the wall with her fingers, then her heart seized when she felt a seam in the softness. “Oh, God. Daddy. I can get out of the trunk this way. I can get into the car—”

“Robin, don’t do anything stupid—”

“Shut up—” Robin heard a car door slam, then a scream. “Oh, God. Dad. He’s got Elizabeth. I have to stop him. I love you, okay? I love you. And tell Patrick I love him, too. I love you all.”

Then she hung up the phone.

Car: Front Seat

“Robin!” Robert shouted, but it was useless, too late. She’d hung up. “Spencer—”

“I heard.” Lucky never took his eyes off the road. Had to focus. Had to do this right. He’d only have one chance to make the twists and turns — one wrong move, one turn taken at the wrong speed, and he’d flip the car —

And Robin and Elizabeth might be dead before they could reach them. He wouldn’t think about Robin’s last words. That Elizabeth was already outside the car. That even Jason, closer than either of them, that he wouldn’t be able to get there in time.

Lucky refused to believe they wouldn’t make it.

This wouldn’t be one more failure for him. He would get them there in time. And Robin and Elizabeth would survive to raise their children and live long, happy lives.

He wouldn’t let Elizabeth down again.

The turn for the access road towards the Rice Creek bridge was uphead and Lucky prepared to take the turn.

Nearly there.

Rice Creek Bridge

He didn’t even give Elizabeth time to think — the car had jerked to a stop just before the bridge that rode high over the creek and he’d gripped her upper arm tightly, his fingers digging into the skin, then dragged her across the front seat.

She kicked and screamed — grasping wildly at anything she could to stop him from getting her out of the car — from being out in the open —

Because there would the wire, wouldn’t it— if he couldn’t get the wire around her neck then—

But he was stronger than her, and he got her through the driver’s door. She clawed, spit, and continued to kick, thrashing wildly, screaming — praying that somehow Jason had been able to catch up again, that he’d been able to follow them —

That someone would hear —

“God damn it, this isn’t how it’s supposed to be—” Ben panted. He backhanded her across the face, finally and Elizabeth went flying, cracking her head against the side of the bridge.

Her head spun, and there were stars and ringing in her ears — it took a moment — just one moment too long to get her sense —

But the wire was already around her neck — the thin cord digging into her skin—Elizabeth gasped, curling her fingers around it, shoving herself back and throwing him off his balance — the cord slipped just enough so she could get her fingers underneath—

“You fucking bitch! You goddamn whore!” Ben was screaming, and weeping—and then his hands were around her neck and she dug at it, her nails ripping—

Then there was a single gunshot exploding in the air, and Ben grunted, his fingers falling away.

Elizabeth, sobbing, choking, frantically crawled away, dimly realizing that somehow, Robin was standing there, her hair disheveled, her eyes wild, a gun clutched in her hands.

Ben was on the ground, his hand pressed to his shoulder. Robin re-aimed, but he was already growling, launching himself at her. Robin shot again, but he’d slammed into her and this time the bullet went wild.

They fell against the bridge, Robin’s back pressed against the stone as they grappled for the gun. He hit her hard and got the gun away from her — he tossed it over the the edge of the bridge, then reached into his pocket. The wire came out now and Robin was screaming —

Elizabeth stumbled to her feet, weaving, barely able to think as she ran towards them. She hurled herself at Ben, and it knocked him to the ground. Robin fell to the side, breathing hard, her cheeks flushed, stained with tears.

Now Elizabeth ran, rushing back towards the car and the parking lot beyond it, towards the access road — Jason was coming — he’d be there—

Ben slammed into her, tackling her to the ground. She screamed, kicking and pushing, and shoving — he was grunting, and they were rolling —

And then there was nothing. No ground below them. Elizabeth screamed, reaching out, her hands finding rocks and clinging to them —

But Ben continued to fall, his own scream cut off by a thud and a grunt.

There was a squeal of brakes, car doors slamming, but Elizabeth barely registered any of it. Her fingernails were already torn and bloody, her fingers slipping and sliding. She clung with all her grip to the side of the gorge —

But she couldn’t hold on. She had nothing left to give—her fingers slid another few centimeters, and then she was falling.


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