Fun Update! FWTM – Finished and some Bonus Material!

So I said I’d probably come back tonight with the last chapter of FWTM: Chapter 24. It’s tonight for me 😛 And it’s exclusive to CG until I have time to post tomorrow night at RTN, Fanfiction.Net and Archive of Our Own. Please enjoy the end of the story, and let me know what you think.  Thanks so much to Cora for proofing the last four chapters 😛

I also decided to post the two plot sketches of this story so if you’re interested in how I intended to write the story (most of the good stuff made it into the finished version) but some things are really different — check out the original plans for the ending! But make sure you read the chapter first.

The first plot sketch — the original one in February.

The second plot sketch — after I finished the first nine or ten chapters and had to really think about the rest of the story.

I also took the password off the ebooks, so please go ahead and download. If you find any typos, please let me know immediately. I can edit them at any time!


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