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So I know it’s not always easy to find stories for your favorite couples or characters. I’ve arranged the top four pairings I tend to write (Johnny/Nadine have fewer stories, but are in a bunch of things coming up). I’m going through all my stories to make sure they’ve been tagged accordingly. Right now, these are listed in order by the date they were posted, so they’re all different lengths.

I apologize that this page is a bit of a mess. I’m organizing how I want to display this information, so hopefully I’ll get it in gear. For now, try to make some sense of this 🙂

If you’d like to see a character or another couple listed (see below for possibilities), please comment.

Most Prominent Couples

Jason Morgan/Elizabeth Webber

Patrick Drake/Robin Scorpio

Johnny Zacchara/Nadine Crowell

Sonny Corinthos/Carly Corinthos

Prominent Characters

I don’t always write a story centered around a pairing. For example, I have several stories in which Jason and Elizabeth are separate characters and not in any pairing whatsoever. Also, if you like Carly, there are stories I write about her in which she’s not in a major pairing, etc.

Jason Morgan

Elizabeth Webber

Patrick Drake

Carly Corinthos

AJ Quartermaine

Brenda Barrett

Stories By Year

Like most writers, I’ve improved over the last twelve years, so I thought it might be a useful for you to have a handy way to weed out the best (beginning with 2014 and going backward). Remember — this is not necessarily the year the story is set, but the year in which I wrote it.

2002 – Stories written in this year run a gamut–some are all right, but the majority are weak.

2003 – This one is kind of the bridge year. The earlier stories are less good, but they improve as 2003 goes on, so it’s less of a crap shoot.

2004 – Relatively clean year.

2006-2008 – Fewer novels written, more short stories. But the quality level is much better.

2014 – The best stuff, in my own opinion.

If there’s any other type of sorting method you’d like to see, please let me know. Otherwise, please comment if you’d like a character listed.

Regarding romantic pairings: Not all couples on this site are featured on the list above. . If you’d like me to add another couple from the list below to the archive, please comment. These couples are listed alphabetically by the male character in the pairing, and include, to the best of my knowledge, every couple I’ve used in a story.

If you’d like to see a character added to the archive, let me know. I’ve written for nearly every single character over a period.

AJ Quartermaine/Courtney Matthews
Brian Beck/Courtney Matthews
Nikolas Cassadine/Emily Quartermaine
Jason Morgan/Courtney Matthews
Dillon Quartermaine/Georgie Jones
Dillon Quartermaine/Lulu Spencer
Jason Morgan/Sam McCall
Jasper Jacks/Carly Corinthos
Jasper Jacks/Skye Chandler-Quartermaine
Kyle Radcliffe/Maxie Jones
Lorenzo Alcazar/Carly Corinthos
Lucas Jones/Sage Alcazar
Lucky Spencer/Elizabeth Webber
Lucky Spencer/Leyla Mir
Lucky Spencer/Sam McCall
Patrick Drake/Elizabeth Webber
Ric Lansing/Alexis Davis
Sonny Corinthos/Brenda Barrett
Zander Smith/Emily Quartermaine


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