A Few Words Too Many: Plot Sketch 2

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After I wrote Chapter Nine and realized Jason and Elizabeth were not going to do anything I wanted them to do, I had sit back and reoutline the rest of the story. This one is a little disjointed and odd, as I was kind of thinking as I wrote, trying to work out what was weak in the original outline. It picks up with Part 2 of the story.

For the most part, this is the outline that ended up being used, but things got shifted around. The major deviations are, again, the ending, which I planned to keep almost until I had to write it, and then secondly, the way Elizabeth and Jason’s relationship developed. I told you guys when I posted that had I written it as it was outlined, you’d want to kill me. I wasn’t going to resolve anything until the last chapter. Haha. I made notes in italics throughout. Hope you enjoy my thought process.


Part I: Setting up the Lie

Part II: Bringing them together

Begins with Elizabeth moving into the penthouse. What’s happened so far? Lots of arguing. Some stuff figured out. Sexy, sexy good times. Little baby steps.

Have to nail Nadine’s voice or eject her from the story. Sprinkle in some more of Aunt Rayleen. Adjust Kelly.

Needs more Emily? Hard to tell. Should Liz call Lucky or Nikolas?

Need to keep tension about the baby, but not insanely. Can’t come to a head until baby is born. Need to do some more with the mob, but dude if I don’t actually understand how the damn mob works. What the fuck is in the shipment? Maybe gambling. Smuggling. Freaking Disney mafia.

Ends with Jason leaving for Puerto Rico before baby is born.

SO!! Next chapter, Jason and Liz in bed. Several weeks (maybe a month later? Get the story moved forward?) He’s been busy. Cops raided the warehouse, another shipment is missing. Money is missing in Puerto Rico. He’s only home for occasional meals, sleeps at home though, so sexy sexy good times continue.

Liz and Carly have a pow wow. Not friendly, but not hostile. Carly presses her on the baby, Liz doesn’t want to deal with it.

Where to go? Need more tension. Need to continue building Liason, but not sure how much to push it. Need more Courtney, that’s for sure. To establish her eventual betrayal.

So…next chapter: Jason/Liz; Liz/Carly; Jason/Sonny? Maybe there are problems in Puerto Rico with the casinos. Jason knows he’s usually the first suggestion to go, but he really doesn’t want to. Sonny decides to go. Jason walks in on a phone call between Liz/Lucky. Nothing tense, but Lucky is sending his best wishes and updating Laura’s recovery. He’s excited for her to have her daughter.

Next chapter: Liz/Carly at Kelly’s. Liz has had doctor’s appointment, but Jason didn’t go. Too busy with business, which she gets. Besides, she’s getting the extra support at home now. He’s busy, but they spend every night together (second trimester libido), and he tries to make at least one meal a day, even it’s just quick from Kelly’s. Security has been relaxed a little, but just that Carly and Liz can leave the penthouse more. Liz and Carly are talking about the baby, Carly’s pushing about the nursery. Courtney sees this closeness and freaks out. Stealing brother, stealing friend, stealing boyfriend and whatnot. Liz tries to remain silent, but her guilt at the situation has lessened. She and Jason are in a good place (even if they’re not talking about the future) She’s annoyed that Courtney, who dated Jason for five minutes hasn’t gotten past it since April. (It’s almost September, which means horsebitch has had five months). Carly is also annoyed, and seeing less and less reasons why she found Courtney amusing. But Courtney strikes a few darts — that Jason didn’t leave Courtney until Elizabeth was pregnant, which means he didn’t really give much a damn about her. Elizabeth knows the truth, but she also knows she and Jason haven’t really spoken about Courtney and Ric. Their discussions all seem to stop with him swearing he wasn’t interested. Also, Courtney brings up the doctor’s appointments. He’s only been to one that anyone’s seen, and they’re still not together in public, due to security.

Perturbed, Carly goes to Jason. She says that for the most part, people have accepted the story, and that Courtney is just seen as scorned other woman. They’ve sold the paternity, particularly since Liz has been living with him for three months. However, Liz herself is another story. She accuses him of keeping Liz dangling on a string, which will just make the two of them miserable in the end. She’s due in just over three months, but she has no concrete plans for the baby. No name is chosen, no room picked out for the nursery, no godparents. Nothing. Carly divulges the confidence that she knows Jason is uncomfortable with the baby. Carly thinks she knows why, but she also knows what Liz suspects. If Jason wants to fix this, and keep Liz in his life, he’s going to have to start preparing for the future and get past his own issues.

Jason knows this is all true. It’s not that he is actually detached from the baby, despite how much he tries. He and Liz are together most nights, which means he sees her nekkid. She’s beautiful, and blossoming and her health has sprang back because she’s just…mostly happy now. He’s felt the baby kick. He sees the baby books. He didn’t know Liz was hiding random baby things under the bed in the guest room. So he decides to fix the problem he can first. He tells Liz that they need to start thinking long-term. They think Ric is behind the territory problems they’re having, but they’re still not sure they can wrap this up soon. He tells Liz to pick one of the guest rooms for the nursery. The men will clean it out, and she can decorate it for the baby. Liz is touched, but still thinks he’s doing it because it’s practical.

Audrey and Nadine visit Carly to discuss a baby shower for Elizabeth. They want to have it in the Towers, but they know security is a deal. Carly can’t believe this is her life, but agrees to start dealing with it. She tells them she’ll get details from Liz about the baby so gift shopping can be done. (Carly does not know that Audrey, Nadine and Bobbe are doing a dual baby shower for both of them, since Bobbie wasn’t involved with Michael, and Carly, haha, has been so good to Liz). (I ended up cutting this idea because I just didn’t feel up to writing it.)

Liz tells Carly she’s picked out the room, and it’s being painted a gorgeous soft yellow. She’s planning on pink and cream borders. Carly approves. How about names? Liz hedges. She’s been dealing with names, but it’s so hard. She tells Carly she has some picked out, but isn’t able to choose. She’s torn between Cadence Audrey, Olivia Charlotte, Mackenzie Grace and Juliet (no middle name in mind for that). Carly says they’re all nice, but she doesn’t think Mackenzie goes with Morgan. Double alliteration sucks. She looks to Jason, whose in the room. Asks for opinion. He says he has none, and leaves. Liz is discouraged, but Carly is just annoyed her best friend is a god damn moron. She tells Liz that this kid’s last name is going to be Morgan, so might as well factor that in. She personally likes Cadence. Elizabeth agrees. Nadine and her grandmother liked it as well, so she’s named her daughter.

Sonny comes home from Puerto Rico after nearly a month. He’s annoyed because the problems in the casinos were way more complicated than they needed to be. He thinks some of the tables were fixed, but he couldn’t prove it at first. Finally, he found the dealers, and it was the casino manager at fault. He wants to link it to something larger, but he can’t. How are things on the homefront? Carly has told him about a baby shower. Jason knows nothing about it, does not want to discuss it. Things are quieting down. Maybe it wasn’t Ric, but one of the Families who was testing the waters and didn’t get anywhere. He wants Liz and Carly to have smooth remainders to their pregnancies, but can’t help but think the other shoe is going to drop. There’s no been no attempt on Liz since the kidnapping in June. It’s September now.

Courtney comes to Emily and says she thinks they’ve been too hard on the situation. Courtney retained her bitterness because she thought Jason still loved her and she saw Carly and Sonny becoming cozy, like Liz was stealing her life, but she has to face facts. Elizabeth and Jason are together now, they’re having a child and there doesn’t seem to be anything Courtney can do about it. Emily agrees. She had thought Elizabeth would mess around, break Jason’s heart, but what little she’s seen of him since their fight leads her to believe he’s happy with the situation, and Elizabeth is stable. Maybe Elizabeth just needed Jason all along, and Jason’s going to have the baby he’s always secretly wanted. Courtney wants to apologize but she never sees Elizabeth alone long enough to do so. Emily thinks about it. Sometimes Liz is alone in Kelly’s, her guards outside, but usually in the hospital her guard is situated at the elevator because Nadine walks her to the elevators and hospital security is relatively tight.

Carly comes over to kick Jason out for the baby shower so she can decorate while Nadine and Audrey keep Liz occupied. She hopes he’s starting to open up to the baby, because Cady is going to be here before he knows it. Jason is confused, and now Carly is ready to toss him over the balcony. He wasn’t paying attention during the conversation about the names, and clearly he never asks Liz about the baby or goes into the painted nursey, because her damn name is on the wall. She asks him if being with Elizabeth makes him happy. He’s annoyed that she’s butting in, which she takes as a yes and tells him if he doesn’t straighten his shit out, loving him or not, Liz is going to walk out the door.

Jason goes to Sonny’s while the baby shower is happening, and Sonny is also trying to probe how Jason is doing with the pregnancy. Jason tells him to drop it and leaves the building all together. He wants to murder the Corinthos.

Liz is startled at the baby shower. Bobbie, Audrey, Nadine, Kelly, Marissa and Penny from Kelly’s, Carly are all there. Carly is touched that she’s got gifts and what not as well, since Bobbie figured Carly would decorate with her tastes. The women enjoy their dual showers, and talk about how excited they’re going to be when Morgan Stone arrives in November, and Cadence Audrey comes in December. Everyone wants to see the nursery Liz has set up. Carly gives her a Wyndham’s credit card and tells her if she doesn’t buy furniture from her and Sonny, then Carly will do it herself, and she might as well get what she wants. (I remember why I cut this now…I shifted the baby shower to write the confrontation Liason scene, which seemed to work better after Morgan was born, before Jason went to Puerto Rico.)

Jason comes home after the shower to find Liz in the nursery sitting in a rocking chair her grandmother gave her. Her grandfather bought it when Liz’s father told him Sarah was born, and when Jeff would visit with the kids, Audrey and Steve would rock Sarah, then Elizabeth in it. She’s holding a beautifully knitted blanket Carly had made. Jason is apprehensive. Cadence is a reality to him now that hasn’t been. There’s a room in his home waiting for a little girl. He wants to ask her more, but he just can’t bring himself to do it. Liz is sorrowful, because she’s beginning to realize that her time with Jason is going to limited. Once Cady is born, the romance will probably fade, and once Ric is gone, she’ll let the friendship fade. This time, she’s determined to let Jason go with fond memories, and not be disappointed or angry he couldn’t accept her daughter.

Carly senses a new sense of purpose in Liz, and wrongly decides she and Jason have discussed the future. She stops bringing up Jason’s relationship with the baby, and starts focusing on her own. She tells Sonny she’s worried about PPD coming back. She misssed so much of Michael, she doesn’t want to miss a moment of Morgan. (This stayed in my storyboarded scenes right up until I went to write it and it just didn’t fit, because I had shifted the timeline of the baby shower to be after the kidnapping.)

At a doctor’s appointment that Jason misses, Elizabeth and Nadine are discussing Elizabeth enrolling in the nurse’s program. She thinks it’d a be a great idea, and she wants to have a stable job for her daughter so they can be supported and independent. Nadine asks if that means she doesn’t plan on raising Cady with Jason, or even being involved. Elizabeth still isn’t positive how it’s all going to unravel (Jason may change his mind once Cady is here, and she realizes she’s clinging to that). She wants her options open. Before they can speak much more, a man jumps out of stairwell and grabs Elizabeth. He starts to drag her away, but Nadine starts kicking him and whacking him with Elizabeth’s chart. She manages to slow him down long enough to grab a nearby fire extinguisher which she bashes him over head. By this time, help is arriving. The man runs for it, but Elizabeth is free.

Sonny and Jason rush to the hospital. Kelly has admitted Elizabeth briefly, just to check the ultrasound and her vitals. She’s shaken, but okay. Jason is pissed, but realizes this wouldn’t have happened if he kept his promise to go to the doctor’s with her. He tells Nadine that he can never repay for her for protecting his family.

Emily learns of the attempt and is shaken, remembering her conversation with Courtney, but decides it’s just not possible. She calls Nikolas to talk to him about the situation, but Nikolas has no solutions for her. She’s the one that has to live with her decision. She decides to remain silent, because Courtney is her friend and would never turn on her brother this way.

Back at the penthouse, Jason apologizes for letting someone get that close to her, but Elizabeth tells him it’s all right. They don’t know where the loopholes in her security are until something happens, and going for her in the hospital was pretty desperate. The hospital has amazing security because of a baby kidnapping a few years earlier, and her guard was around the corner. She doubts he would have gotten her out of the building without being seen. Still, Jason is unhappy with himself because his personal need to stay separate has interferred with Elizabeth and Cady’s safety. It’s not going to happen again.

Jason and Elizabeth visit Carly in the hospital and Elizabeth sees how happy Jason is for them, how he holds Morgan. She wants that for herself, for them, but she’s starting to feel the distance between them again. She’s not sure if Jason is doing it, or if she’s starting to protect her heart. They still spend a lot of time together, but the conversations are so much more superficial and there’s no discussion beyond what’s for dinner.

Elizabeth’s due date is two weeks away. Sonny tells Jason that they’ve had a break—there’s trouble in Puerto Rico again, but this time Stan found evidence that Ric was there. Jason says he’ll go, which shocks Sonny. Elizabeth’s due date is so close, she could go into labor at any point. Jason tells him it’s more important to make sure she’s safe and Ric is out of her life. But Sonny knows what’s happening. He tells Jason he’ll have to tell Elizabeth himself, unless he really wants to push her away forever, in which case he could just leave and let Sonny be the one to tell her.

Jason is ashamed how tempting it would be just to leave and not personally tell her. He is conflicted, because he knows he’s in love with the baby already but thinks to protect himself by not being there when she’s born. If he can clear Ric away, then the threat will be gone. He reluctantly tells Liz the news. Elizabeth is devastated, but tries to hide it. She’s been clinging to the ideal that Jason will change his mind, but to know he’s willing to miss the birth of a child the world believes is his on the possibility to end the situation, she knows now where he stands. He starts to apologize, but she doesn’t want to fight. He’s leaving in the morning, and she knows that this will be the last time they’re in a room together without this situation having been blown up. She tells him she understands, and there’s no point in arguing. He’s doing what he’s promised to do all long. He never promised her more. They eat a quiet dinner and spend the night together. He wakes her up before he leaves to say goodbye. He tells her he’ll see her later, but as he leaves the room, she murmurs Goodbye.

Part III: Fixing their shit.

Begins: Liz in labor. Kicks Jason out of room. Nadine at work. Carly standing in. Cadence Audrey Caroline Morgan born.

Liz and Carly are in the penthouse with Nadine. They’re talking about nonsense, cooing over Morgan. Carly is annoyed that she actually likes these people. Nadine notices that Liz is wincing. Girl is labor. Carly tells Elizabeth to call Jason. Her contractions are 15 mins apart. They have time. Reluctantly, while Carly brings Morgan to Leticia and Nadine fetches Liz’s bag, she calls Jason. He tells her he’s on his way home already, he’s in flight. He’ll be in PC in two hours. (I wanted Elizabeth to start getting upset about Jason not loving Cady, and I thought Nadine being there would be too awkward. Plus, Sonny’s part in this scene ended up far surpassing anything Nadine could have brought to it. so I shipped her to New York for the day)

Jason arrives at the hospital to find Sonny and Carly in the hallway. Audrey is in with Liz right now. Knowing that people see him there, he has to go in. He goes in, Audrey gives them a moment. Jason tells her he’s sorry he almost missed being here. Liz asks who is he acting for? They’re the only ones in the room. Jason is confused, but explains to her they almost nailed Ric but he got away. He promises to keep her daughter safe. Overwhelmed from the pain, she tells him to go. She wants Carly. Nadine is on shift, can’t be there.

Upset, Jason fetches Carly. Sonny asks what happened, and Jason reluctantly admits that Sonny was right about the Puerto Rico trip. It was the final straw and he thinks she’ll really leave him this time. Sonny asks him what he’s going to do about this, but Jason has no answer.

Inside the room, Liz tells Carly that Audrey will be there, but Liz wants Carly, because Carly knows the truth, and that Cady is Morgan and Michael’s cousin. She knows Carly will love her daughter because she’s part of Sonny’s family. She wants Cady to come into this world with people who love her, not people who have spent months ignoring her arrival. Touched and upset on Jason’s behalf (and annoyed as fuck, because what the hell, this is muffin!) Carly agrees. Audrey is confused, but Carly tells her moms do what moms do.

Cadence is born, and Carly loves her immediately. She and Audrey hold her, and tell Liz how perfect she is. Liz loves her daughter and resolves that she will never let her feel like less than the perfect treasure she is. From now on, her life is to make Cady happy. She tells Carly that she’s naming her Cadence Audrey Caroline and thanks her.

Audrey says it’s time for Daddy to meet her. Reluctantly, Elizabeth agrees and asks Carly to go get Jason and Sonny.

Outside, Carly tells Jason, in a low voice, Elizabeth didn’t want him in the room because she knows he doesn’t love Cady, and she didn’t want Cady’s first moments to be with a father who doesn’t give a damn, like Liz has had her whole life. Upset, Jason asks if he should go in. They don’t have a choice, Carly admits. So he better knock this shit off.

Sonny is already inside, and he loves his niece. She’s perfect. He tells Elizabeth that she’s family. She always has been, but this just cements their connction. Audrey is pertubed by this, because well…yeah mobsters. Carly brings Jason, telling Kelly and Audrey that Jason was just nervous. He’s never held a girl before. Sonny hands Jason Cady and he does. He absolutely falls in love with this little girl and understands that despite all his avoidence and reluctance, he loves her. She’s part of Elizabeth, but she’s so obviously her own person, and he knows that he missed his chance to be her father. He was too scared to talk to Elizabeth about his fears and insecurities, and she’ll never believe him now.

Carly and Sonny go home to their kids, and Carly is overcome with emotion. She’s so upset for Jason and Elizabeth, because it’s clear that they love each other, and she just knows Jason loves that baby. Why does he always get in the way of his own happiness? Did she do this to him because of Michael? Because of the two of them together, and Robin? Sonny just doesn’t know.

Emily visits Elizabeth at the hospital, to see Cady. She begins to tell Elizabeth that for reasons she can’t go into (perceived guilt at Elizabeth’s kidnapping) she started to speak to Lainey Winters about her anger towards Elizabeth, which had been building for years and finally exploded with Zander and Jason. Elizabeth is hurt, but Emily tries to explain that she unfairly blamed Elizabeth because Lucky never came back the same. She loves him now, but he was so difficult the first two years she was home, her best friend was gone and she didn’t think Elizabeth was doing enough to get him back. She kept getting distracted by Jason, and it just made Lucky worse. Emily thought Elizabeth was the selfish one, to be thinking of herself when they all needed Lucky so much, and then when Jason left town in 2001, she blamed Elizabeth. The Zander and Jason situation last summer just exacerbated her anger. Elizabeth doesn’t know what to do with any of that, but Emily tells her she’s been working through the anger. She knows now it was irrational, that Emily was being the selfish one. She should have been there for her friend through this, for her brother. She’s happy they’re together now and they have Cady. Elizabeth asks if their friendship is going to be contingent on Jason being happy with her, and Emily tells of course not. She understands now that Jason made mistakes too. She knows it’ll take time for them to work through this, but she wants to.

Jason brings Cady and Elizabeth home. He doesn’t know what to do next. He thinks Elizabeth is done with him, so he doesn’t want to make it worse for himself. He throws himself back into the search for Ric, because he wants them to be safe. He tells Sonny that they’ve wasted enough time. It’s time to end this. Sonny is concerned but agrees.

Elizabeth asks Nadine if she’d be open to being roommates. She’s thinking of moving out with Cady soon. Nadine agrees, but she thinks Elizabeth should really talk to Jason about it. She was so happy this summer.

Elizabeth talks to Carly about her feelings, because she knows the truth about Cady’s father. Carly is annoyed Jason is keeping his mouth shut, but absolutely knows that her meddling will likely make it worse. She’s been trying for months, but Jason hasn’t listened to her. Carly tells Liz that she needs to do what’s right for her kid, but she personally thinks Jason is what’s right, and maybe she should have some patience with the poor bastard. He’s a man, and they’re inherently the dumbest creatures on Earth. Elizabeth reluctantly agrees to give the situation more time.

Emily, Nadine and Elizabeth get together at the penthouse, trying to restore normalcy to their lives. Everyone is absolute alt over Cady, but Emily sees that Cady’s eyes are turning brown. She says nothing, because she knows enough now after Elizabeth’s kidnapping attempts that what’s going on is to protect Cady. Nadine leaves when Jason gets home and Elizabeth puts Cady to bed. Emily tells her brother that she loves him, and supports him no matter what. He’s been given an incredible opportunity to be a father again and she just knows that because Elizabeth is the mother involved, that Jason is going to be able to keep Cady. Jason realizes Emily knows the truth and tells her he wishes that were true.

A month has passed, and nothing has changed. Elizabeth is doing all the work with Cady, which she doesn’t mind because she adores her, but there are moments she’s exhausted and lies in bed in the middle of the night, wishing Jason would get up just once. She tells Nadine, Audrey, and Emily over lunch she’s enrolling in the nurse’s program.

Liz has paperwork to sign for the program, so she asks Carly to baby sit. Carly brings Morgan over, and realizes Jason is home. She’s super annoyed about this, and once Liz leaves, Carly has absolutely had it with this nonsense. Cady is a beautiful little girl that Jason should be raising. She knows for a fact that this is breaking Liz’s heart, and it’s only because Carly suggested she stay that Liz hasn’t made a move towards going. The fact that Liz is thinking about seems to affirm Jason’s decision, but Carly throws something at him, which surprises him. She starts to cry, because she thinks she broke his ability to trust because she gave him Michael, and then ensured Jason lost him by going to the Quartermaines, and then sleeping with Sonny, and giving Michael to Sonny. She’s hysterical because he has been so amazing to her, he’s the only reason she’s happy, that she has her sons and all Carly has ever done to him is cause him pain and it’s her fault that Jason’s losing this chance at a family. Jason is stunned. He doesn’t know what to do with this Carly. He tries to tell her that it’s not her fault, but realizes…it is. In a way. He tells Carly that he knows Elizabeth would never intentionally take Cady away, but the fact remains he thought about Carly, and he thought that about Robin. He loved Robin as much as he’s ever loved anyone, and she took Michael away in an effort to protect him from Carly. Robin never realized that Jason would have been happy to have Carly use Michael as a weapon if it meant he got to stay with him. (Even though in the actual version Liason had fixed their shit by this point, I thought it was important for Carly’s character to have this scene, so I finagled it to keep it.)

Carly begs Jason to talk to Elizabeth about this. She knows Liz loves him, she knows he’s stupid for her, but however bad he thinks it might be when she walks out the door, it’ll be worse when it actually happens. He has to do something about this, he cannot just stand back and let it happen. Jason, wanting to make her feel better, agrees.

That night, Jason and Elizabeth are in their respective rooms. He knows how tired she is from her long day at the hospital and their tense dinner. He knows Cady wakes around 2, so he sets his own alarm and goes in before Cady can start crying over the monitor. He takes Cady downstairs and starts to feed her one of the prepared bottles Liz keeps in the fridge. Liz wakes anyway—she’s used to it at this point, and becomes concerned when Cady isn’t in her crib. She goes downstairs and finds Jason at the window, with Cady, feeding her and talking to her about Rome.

He hears her footsteps and sees her on the stairs. Elizabeth is confused, because it looks like he’s…loves this baby, so what the hell is going on? Jason finally admits that every time he began to think about a family with her and Cady, he’d see Michael and remember that he used to be his father. Even though he’s still in his life, it’s not the same and he doesn’t want to one day be the uncle Cady is fond of. Liz is now confused and pissed, because there were things they could have done to deal with this. She totally gets this fear, remembers him when he lost Michael. Even if Jason isn’t sure of them, and she can’t ignore that, because she wasn’t always, there was always adoption. There were things. She’s torn between being relieved its actually a fear within Jason, and not the external factor that Ric is the biological father. She tells him that they don’t work if he’s not honest with her, and this is the absolute last time she’s going to tell him that. He agrees. They leave it up in the air for the night, but Liz comes back to sharing his room that night (no physical, just comfort since it’s only been a month).

Next day, Liz is at orientation for nursing program. Jason is watching Cady, getting used to her routine. Carly stops by, wondering why Liz never met her for dinner. Jason is confused and calls her guards. Cody says he turned her over to the guard on the door about five. She was going to change, grab her evening guard and Cady, and then meet Carly and the boys. It’s almost seven now. It’s two hours—Liz never came upstairs. Jason tells Carly to stay with Cady. He goes to Sonny’s. Elizabeth is missing. He needs the techs on the elevator and cameras. He calls Nadine, and asks if she’s seen Liz, Nadine says Liz left the hospital about 4:30 to go home to change for dinner. Concerned, Nadine mentions the phone call to Emily, who knows she can’t keep her suspicions to herself now.

At Sonny’s, Jason is trying to keep calm while they organize what they know. The cameras show that Elizabeth left Cody in the parking garage, got on the clear elevator, which then stopped on the fourth floor, where she was grabbed. They know there must be guards in on this, but Liz’s personal security detail looks to be clear. Carly comes in, wheeling Cady’s bassinet. She knows what’s going on now. They grabbed Elizabeth now because Carly figures they want to divide focus. She thinks Ric never bought the paternity story, but waited until the baby was born. The rumors flying around town about Jason being uninvolved told Ric that maybe Jason wanted Liz, but he didn’t necessarily want the kid. So if he takes Liz, Jason will be so focused on getting her back, Cady’s security might be lapsed. Jason knows that Carly has a point and feels sick that his own actions might contributed. Cady is to stay in the penthouse, protected with Michael and Morgan.

Emily rushes in at this point. She’s so upset, she should have said something months ago. After Liz’s kidnapping attempt in the hospital, Emily remembered her conversation with Courtney about her being alone sometimes at the hospital. Sonny is wrecked, but arranges for Max to bring his sister in. Courtney is initially defiant — what the hell are they talking about? But Sonny realizes that in order to pull this off, Ric and Faith had to know which guards were which. Courtney, afraid of Jason and Sonny, eventually admits what she did. She was so angry that Elizabeth had stolen her life that when Faith approached her to get Liz out of Jason’s life, Courtney agreed. She passed information on the guards and the info that Emily gave her, but she swears that’s all she did. She’s so sorry, she just wanted Elizabeth to pay for what she did. Disgusted, Sonny sends her to a room, until they can figure out what to do next. Knowing how it was done doesn’t change anything. They’re searching all Faith’s properties, but they don’t know what to do.

They put the word on the street that the two guards are to be brought to Jason and Sonny as soon as they’re seen. One of them, realizing the price on his head, comes to Jason and Sonny. He helped, he gives them a warehouse address and begs for them to make it quick. Sonny tells him it’s up to Jason. Jason tells him that they’ll deal with him later, to make an example to the other guards of what happens when they mess with his family. He goes to Cady and tells her that he loves her, and that even if it means he won’t come back, he will bring her mother home.

At the warehouse, Faith is arguing with Ric that they need to clear out immediately. It didn’t work. Security on the dumbass kid is as tight as ever and she’s tired of waiting around to ruin Corinthos and Morgan. Ric keeps putting her off, saying it hasn’t been long enough. Morgan isn’t frantic enough. Faith decides to cut her losses, and heads out of town, abandoning Ric and telling her men to draw back. Psychos with personal agendas and no head for business are worthless. Elizabeth pleads with Ric to let her go. Ric refuses. Jason and Sonny show up with their men, but before they can overpower Ric and rescue her, there’s a shootout, and Ric ends up dead while Jason is wounded badly.

Elizabeth and Sonny rush to the hospital. Jason is in surgery, it’s touch and go. Emily tells her he’ll be in surgery most of the night repairing the damage. She should go home, see her daughter. Elizabeth agrees. She’s at the penthouse, rocking Cady when Alexis arrives. She was under instructions from Jason to visit her in the event something like this happened, if Jason were in danger of dying. Elizabeth tells her Jason isn’t going to die, but Alexis still has her instructions. She tells Elizabeth that Jason has left something to Carly’s kids, his sister, etc. but the bulk of his estate has been left to Elizabeth and their daughter, with Cady’s portion in trust until she’s twenty-one and Elizabeth is in charge of that. Shaken, Elizabeth asks when he made these arrangements. Alexis said he started them in May, after Elizabeth learned she was pregnant and adjusted them after Cady was born to reflect that she was not an unborn child, but a living one. And Elizabeth asks if that was the language he used — their daughter, his daughter, not hers. Alexis says those were his words. She also tells Elizabeth that she knew Jason wasn’t the biological father, and had advised Jason to draw up guardianship papers, and adoption papers in case anything happened to Elizabeth. Alexis did so, but Jason never filed any of them because he didn’t know how to talk to her about those things, whether she’d want those things.

Elizabeth asks if Alexis brought any of those papers. Alexis gives her the copies that Jason drew up, but they’re unsigned and unnotarized. She takes Cady to Carly and Sonny’s and goes back to the hospital.

When Jason finally wakes up, Elizabeth is there. She thanks him for saving her life, for saving their daughter. She tells him that she loves him. She gestures to the papers. As soon as he’s well enough to sit up and sign his name, she’s bringing in a notary and they’re signing and filing this. She never wants him to doubt his place in their live. Jason tells her he wishes he had talked to her about this months ago, that he’s wasted so much time, but he loves her so much. He asks her to marry him.

Epilogue, after Cady’s christening, Elizabeth is opening presents and finds the champagne from Faith and her promise to be back.


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