I May Have Made Things More Complicated.

So I know that the majority of my audience are Jason/Elizabeth fans, so you guys would prefer to have a handy list of the stories have them together as a pairing. On this site, I’ve written stories for more then fifteen other couples and usually include anywhere from three to twelve extra characters in the story.

So I’ve been trying to find a way to sort my stories so you guys can view them based on the couple or character, and also the year it was written to avoid ending up with the not so good story. I’m not hapy with my first pass at it — I want to work it out a bit more, but here is my first effort: Tag Archive: Stories Sorted by Couple, Character & Year.

There’s also some reorganization I want to do on the site — adjust how some of the stories are posted (some are in two-four parts and could honestly be just one. I’m going to go through and adjust them, just to make browsing the site more user friendly. It’s my aim to include extra material wherever possible, and I want to make sure it’s actually listed in a way you guys can find it.

If there’s anything exta on this site that you guys might be interested in, please let me know.


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