On this page, I have included series — which are collections of standalone stories within a certain storyline. It’s organized in chronological order, with alternate universe first.

Adventures of Lucky and Lizzie
Alternate Universe. A set of dialogue fics, usually flash fiction. Elizabeth and Lucky are the best of friends, and together, they try to keep her from screwing up her relationship with Jason…too much. Also some Liason stories mixed into the universe.
Status: Story #13 posted 24 Dec 2014
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Lucky/Gia, Brenda
Take Me By The Hand
Set in May 2003. Elizabeth has become so isolated in the wake of Ric’s deceptions, that she begins to slide into a deep, dark place, which none of her friends realize. A series about hitting rock bottom and learning to climb your way out.
Status: Completed
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Lucky, Zander/Emily, Courtney, Carly
Set in June 2003. Sonny arranges for Elizabeth to be kidnapped in retaliation for Carly’s kidnapping. He orders for Jason to do the deed and issues another order for Jason when Ric fails to return Carly.
Status: Completed (03/30/04)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Sonny, Ric, Courtney, Johnny O’Brien
Good Associations
Set in January 2004. After Jason is accidentally sedated by Carly at Shadybrooke, he leaves and Cameron Lewis tells Carly he’s going to where he feels safe. He returns to Elizabeth’s studio, and their friendship begins to shine again. The Incomplete Complete Fiction 😀
Status: Completed (03/20/04)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Emily, Dillon
All of Me
Set in 2004. Mary Bishop has lost her husband of only a few months and wants to make a new start in Port Charles.
Status: Two Stories Posted (10/30/05)
Couples/Characters: Mary, Lucky, Elizabeth, Mike Corbin, Jason
Life For Rent
Set in Summer 2006. A three part story (including Choose Your Moment) that rewrites the great blackout of August 2006 and its fallout.  The women of Port Charles find their lives in shambles and must rebuild from the ground up. Lulu’s pregnant, Alexis struggles with her cheating husband and her illness, Elizabeth reopens an old chapter in her life, and Georgie tries to piece together her fractured life as her sister goes on a malicious rampage to get what she wants.
Status: One Story posted (08/2006)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Patrick/Robin, Lulu/Dillon/Georgie, Lucky/Maxie, Ric/Alexis, Carly, Mac