Fiction Graveyard

Note: For this section, if you have never visited it before, it is especially important that you read the introductory material posted.

This page is going to host three kinds of stories:

1. Stories that were begun and unfinished for various reasons. Usually because I lost interest or maybe I allowed other writers to continue them.
2. Stories that are incomplete because they were lost due to a computer crash, a website hack or being banned from a board.
3.  Original versions of stories I later rewrote.

These are organized in alphabetical order because that’s really the best way to do it — all but one are unfinished, so you should know that going on. Often, particularly when I was younger, I would start a story with a vague concept and write until I had written myself into a corner. And then…just stop writing them. In some cases, I revisit the concept.

The stories will be posted like any other that I write with a main story and background and their different chapters organized. On that page, I will definitely remark why I stopped writing it and if I ever revisited the concept, either in a planned story or something already posted on the site.

Each story has the following information:

  • The title, which will indicate a version number if it’s been rewritten under the same title.
  • A summary of the story, which also includes how many chapters were written before I stopped writing.
  • Repost Status indicating how many chapters have been posted at CG. So when a story says its complete under Repost, it means I have posted all the chapters I have available.
  • Graveyard which describes the current status of the story: whether its been rewritten, abandoned or adopted.
  • Couples/Characters, which is standard

Aurora Dawning #1
In another world, Jason and Elizabeth must fulfill a prophecy that will save their kingdom, but outside forces conspire to keep them apart. Abandoned after ten chapters.
Repost Status: Not Yet reposted
Graveyard:  Rewritten
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Sonny, Alexis, Gia, Laura, etc.
Bring Me To Life
A challenge response in which Jason and Elizabeth’s future children travel back in time to make sure their parents get together. Abandoned after a prologue.
Repost Status: Repost completed
Graveyard:  Abandoned
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth
Burn in Heaven #1 | Burn in Heaven #2
A sequel to the second version of Poisonous Dreams in which Faith returns to enact her revenge. Both versions abandoned after a handful of chapters.
Repost Status: Repost completed
Graveyard:  Rewrite planned
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Jax/Carly, Sonny/Carly, Patrick Robin
The End of Everything
Set in 2004. The Haunted Star opens and an explosion devastates Port Charles. Abandoned after five chapters.
Repost Status: Repost completed
Graveyard:  A possible rewrite is on the drawing board.
Couples/Characters: Ric/Elizabeth, Jason/Courtney/Brian
Fallen From Grace
Set in 2006. Patrick and Robin break up in the wake of the paternity reveal of John Jacks being Nikolas’s son. She marries Nikolas on the rebound, leaving Patrick alone. Elizabeth divorces Lucky after Cameron is injured while Lucky is watching him and high. Jason leaves town to work for the WSB, which leaves Sam dangling to find a new life and Lucky tries to put his life together after rehab.
Repost Status: Repost completed
Graveyard:  Rewrite planned
Couples/Characters:  Jason/Elizabeth/Patrick, Patrick/Robin/Nikolas/Emily, Lucky/Sam, Dillon/Lulu, Ric/Alexis
Fumbling Towards Perfection
Partial Alternate Universe. Jason meets Emily’s roommate at rehab after the accident that left her paralyzed. Abandoned after one chapter.
Repost Status: Repost completed
Graveyard:  Abandoned.
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth
Inside Your Fear #1
Set in 2003. Courtney learns she’s pregnant and turns to Elizabeth in order to deal with the choice she makes about the pregnancy.
Repost Status: Not yet reposted
Graveyard:  Rewrite planned
Couples/Characters: Jason/Courtney, Elizabeth
Alternate Universe. Jason and Elizabeth are high school students assigned to do a project. Abandoned after several chapters.
Repost Status: Repost completed
Graveyard:  Adopted by Huma, uncontinued.
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth
Mad World #1
Set in November 2004. Brooke Lynn is raped by someone she knows, Elizabeth has a secret life and Alexis deals with the fallout of Kristina’s paternity. Abandoned after twenty-two chapters.
Repost Status: Complete
Graveyard:  Rewritten as Mad World
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Ric/Alexis, Lucas/Brooke, Sonny/Carly/Sam, Nikolas/Emily, et. al.
Out of the Dark
Alternate Universe. A prequel to Surviving the Past dealing with Jason Quartermaine’s relationship with Elizabeth Webber and his accident. Abandoned after several chapters, with the majority lost to time and space.
Repost Status: Repost completed
Graveyard:  Abandoned, but not forgotten.
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth
Poisonous Dreams #1 | Poisonous Dreams #2
Set in 2004. When Elizabeth becomes pregnant by Ric, Sonny and Jason step up to protect her.
Repost Status: PD #1: Chapter 3 posted | PD #2 completed
Graveyard:  Rewritten as A Few Words Too Many
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Sonny/Carly, Zander/Emily
Secrets Kept
Alternate Universe in which Luke Spencer attempts to control the love lives of his daughters, Brenda and Elizabeth. Abandoned after four chapters.
Repost Status: Repost completed
Graveyard:  Adopted by Cheri (romantic at heart) and completed. Link available on story page.
Couples/Characters: Sonny/Brenda, Jason/Elizabeth
Set in 2004. Ric asks Jason to protect Elizabeth after learning she killed Zander. Abandoned after fifteen chapters.
Repost Status: Repost completed
Graveyard:  Rewritten
Couples/Characters: Ric/Elizabeth/Jason, Nikolas/Emily
A sequel to Jaded in which Robin returns. Abandoned after several chapters.
Repost Status: Not yet reposted
Graveyard:  Likely abandoned for good
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth
Silent Reverie
Set in 2004. After Lila’s funeral, Elizabeth learns a shocking secret about her infant son, and Lorenzo has nefarious plans for Mary and Nikolas. Abandoned after several chapters
Repost Status: Complete
Graveyard:  A possible rewrite is on the drawing board
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Mary/Nikolas/Emily
Sing Me a Lullaby
Set in 2003. Jason and Lucky work together to determine who poisoned Elizabeth. Abandoned after a handful of chapters
Repost Status: Not yet reposted
Graveyard:  Abandoned, but not completely forgotten
Couples/Characters: Elizabeth/Jason/Courtney
The Sisters
Set in 2002. Once upon a time, Elizabeth and Carly were bitter enemies. An unexpected revelation ties them together for life.
Repost Status: Repost completed
Graveard Status: Rewrite planned
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Sonny/Carly, Courtney, Luis, etc.
Slide #1
Set in 2005. A sequel to I Shall Believe. Abandoned after several chapters.
Repost Status: Repost completed
Graveyard:  Likely going to be incorporated into another story
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Lorenzo/Carly
Set in 2024.  In 2010, Elizabeth Morgan disappeared one morning without a trace, leaving her family to pick up the pieces. Fourteen years later, the mystery appears to be solved.
Repost Status: Repost completed
Graveyard:  Going to be rewritten as Feels Like Home.
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Patrick/Robin, Jax/Carly, et. al
True To Your Heart
A version of 2012 as envisioned in 2002. Michael learns Sonny is not his biological father while Sonny learns he has a daughter. Jason and Elizabeth experience a devastating loss. Abandoned after twelve chapters.
Repost Status: Completed
Graveyard:  Abandoned
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Sonny/Carly, Ned/Alexis, AJ/Courtney, Lucky/Emily