Burn in Heaven #1


Note: This story is a sequel to Poisonous Dreams #2, which was the first version of A Few Words Too Many. Things on this page may reveal spoilers for both stories. If you’ve read either one, you’re good to go.


After completing Poisonous Dreams #2, I had always intended to write a sequel based on the note Faith sends Elizabeth at the end, so that part was easy. For this first version of the sequel, I didn’t really have an idea at first what I would write. I eventually plotted it out until the end, but I didn’t really like the foundation I had laid for the sequel in the early chapters.

So I decided to rewrite it, which is why you have Burn in Heaven #2, which was also unfinished.


This story picked up in 2006, two years after Poisonous Dreams #2 ended. Sonny and Carly are still married–they have a daughter, Morgan. I’m not sure why I made Morgan a girl in this story, but there you go. Most of the details are pretty easy to follow.

Graveyard Status

This was rewritten as Burn in Heaven #2, which is also abandoned. Because I rewrote the first story, Burn in Heaven #3 is a sequel to A Few Words Too Many, and will be posted sometime in 2015.