Mad World #1



So the inspiration for this story was kind of simple. I remember watching Alexis and Ric get married in the hospital chapel and wondering what would happen if Elizabeth had walked in to find her ex-husband marrying five seconds after their divorce.

From there, the story just kind of developed. The same episode had Brooke and Diego in Kelly’s, and I hated the idea of them together, so I wrote in their storyline. I wanted someone for Lucky, so I added Brianne. I don’t know. It just kind of happened.


Set in November 2004, just before the reveal of Kristina’s paternity. For the most part, things are relatively clear. Diego is in town, but his connection to Lorenzo is unknown at the moment. Jason and Sam are living together, but it’s friendship. Elizabeth is working at General Hospital, etc.

Graveyard Status

So this story, at the moment, is twenty-two chapters and more than 90,000 words. It is the longest, unfinished story in this section. I know plenty of people like this story just fine, which is why I’m going to post this. I only had four more chapters before this version was over, so I’m also going post my final plans for the story at the end with the outlined chapters.

However, it’s a pretty messy storyline. Things happen all over the place, characters show up halfway through and then disappear. I kept adding to it without really knowing what I was going to do next. I also really really hate the Jason/Elizabeth storyline in this story. I have no idea why I wrote it this way, it’s so out of character for them and every time I try to think about finishing this story, I cringe.

But I really really liked the original concept — Brooke Lynn Ashton is a legacy character and I thought I could do a really interesting rape storyline with her that would bolster the PCPD and offer a chance to see them in action without dealing with Jason or Sonny. As much as I liked Sonny and Jason at this period, I hated the PCPD looking inept all the time, so I’m going to rewrite it in 2015. Stay tuned for that 🙂


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