Fallen From Grace


I remember before Robin left the show in January 1999, they had given her a short story with Nikolas, helping him recover from the gunshot he received at Luke’s in December 1997. It almost seemed like they were doing a chemistry test. They revisited it briefly in 2007 after the Metro Court story, but went back to Patrick and Robin.

2006 was a really good year for GH. It had the best ensemble cast and almost all of the stories were done well. They had the kind of stories where things could have gone in a thousand directions and still have been really good. I’ve got a ton of things in the pipeline that deal with 2006 and its fall out.

Fallen From Grace was initially meant to be the fallout of the John Jacks paternity reveal which put Robin at odds with Patrick, left Carly swearing revenge, and Jax with another hole in his heart after Courtney’s death. Once I started planning it, I knew I had to do something with Elizabeth after writing the prologue, and then Jason and Emily entered the story. It became kind of the journey of Robin, Sam, and Elizabeth.


This begins in September 2006, but picks up the show around May of that year. Patrick and Robin have started to sleep together, swearing that it’s only physical. Lucky’s drug addiction has put Cameron in danger. Jason and Sam have broken up and they’ve both moved on — Sam is trying to find her place with her mother’s family and did not sleep with Ric. Sonny’s breakdown his mental issues gave Ric more of an entry into the business, and Jason was pushed off. He took Robert’s offer of a job with the WSB. Elizabeth has left Lucky who is now in rehab.

Fiction Graveyard

I really really like the first few chapters I wrote in the sense that the writing itself is really good, I think. However, I keep going back and forth on the way I want to the story to end and now I kind of have other ideas to make this same storyline work better, which means rewriting the early chapters. That being said, I didn’t want to lose the first few chapters so here they are in the graveyard.

I am going to rewrite this story at some point. It will be one of the choices in the NaNoWriMo poll and I’ll have a sample first chapter up of the rewrite, but you’ll also have these chapters to think about. I did sketch out the entire story, so I might even post that at some point. It depends on how much the rewrite deviates.

However, lucky you guys, I wrote the final scenes for all the couples and I’ll post them as well 😛


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