Burn in Heaven #2



As I remarked on the first version of this story, Burn in Heaven #1, I had always intended to write a sequel based on the note Faith left for Elizabeth at the end of the story. So the inspiration for this story was pretty simple.


This version begins in December 2007, almost two years later than the first version. Sonny and Carly are divorced, Robin and Patrick are around, etc.

Graveyard Status

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with this version of the story and I would have happily continued writing it except I really hated Poisonous Dreams to which this story is supposed to be a direct sequel. So even though I like this version, it really doesn’t fit in with the story I set up in A Few Words Too Many, PD’s rewrite. I had to account for Patrick showing up briefly in FWTM, for the Zacchara and Ruiz elements, etc.

So this version is unfinished, but it’s by no means because I don’t like it. It just no longer works with the preceding story. Some of the elements in this version will show up in the final version of Burn in Heaven, coming 2015.


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