Poisonous Dreams #2



PD and A Few Words began as a response to the April 2003 spoiler of Elizabeth’s pregnancy by Ric. At the time, the miscarriage was not spoiled, so a few friends in an LU chatroom challenged me to write the story. I wrote it as the first version of Poisonous Dreams, then rewrote it as this version. And then in 2014, I reconceived the entire concept as A Few Words.


This story begins June 2003. Everything up to April 2003 happened, with the exception of Ric kidnapping Courtney. Not because I don’t think the twit deserved it, but because he did that the last week of the month and I began this a bit earlier than that. Emily came home, but I didn’t write in her cancer, mostly because I don’t think we knew about it at this point.

Graveyard Status

So several of you said some very kind things about this story, of which A Few Words Too Many is a revisioning. I went back and looked at it, and you know, what? For the time period I wrote it, it’s not awful. It’s not even the worst thing I’ve ever written. (Those honors belong to The Sisters. Oy.)

There are a few elements to this story that I wished I could have incorporated into A Few Words (mainly the Spencers), but I really hate the title and some of the way I wrote the characters. I also hate the primary storyline, which is why I rewrote it.



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