Flash Fiction! Sequel to Darkest Before Dawn & Other News!

Your Update Link: A Shot in the Dark – Part 1 

Hello! Welcome to the second of the four new series. I’m so glad you guys liked Not Knowing When — it’s definitely fun for me to go back to that time period. I honestly haven’t written anything directly set after Elizabeth left the penthouse in October since 2003. I’ve spent a lot of time writing 2003 (A Few Words, Mad World), rewriting 2002 entirely (Bittersweet), 2004 (The Best Thing), and of course, 2006 (All We Are and For the Broken Girl), so it’s really fun to go back. And I haven’t written Brenda in YEARS so this one is going to be fun.

Today’s entry continues my Collect Your Regrets universe where I rewrite terrible Elizabeth stories. In the first story, I rewrote the maternity lie, and in this one — you might have guessed which story I’m rewriting by the ending of Darkest Before the Dawn.  I just remembered that I won’t be updating Friday night because I’ll be at a wedding, so I’ll update that one in the morning. We’ll be kicking off the Scottish historical

In other news — Mad World is zipping along great. I just finished Chapter 71 today. I’m going to be writing 72 and 73 the rest of this week, then editing the last two chapters on Saturday, which means I’ll be dropping the beta draft for Book 3 on Sunday morning. I can’t wait for the Patreons to read this new version. I’ve already added 40k and reworked a lot of beats. After that, I’ll be going into the final round of edits to clean up typos, grammars, and any other consistencies. I’m still working on Fool Me Twice, but I’m in good shape to start writing that one in October.

I also started Desperate Measures last night AND organized all of my 1999-2001 Liason screencaps by scene and date. I’m starting 2002 tomorrow, and this is going to make graphics and the rest of the facelift so much easier. I’m excited for that. I also continued working on the checklist, and most of the Bittersweet subsite is done. I just have to add the Character descriptions, and redesign the ebook cover.

I haven’t heard back about the job yet — the districts are crazy busy right now, so hopefully within a few days.


  • I love your updates because they’re so informative. I’m excited about these new flash fictions. I hope you hear about the job soon.

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