I’m a New Jersey girl born and bred, from the Philly metro area. In my long posting career, I generally posted as LissieLove, but was inactive for at least six years. (Why does time go so fast? Good lord.) This basically corresponded with the time I went back to school full-time in 2008, and then graduated in 2013, plus an extra year or so to get the bulk of graduate school done. I didn’t the time or patience for GH, much less fanfiction and figured I had basically retired. Then I went back to GH my last year at Rutgers, and went back to fanfiction about two years later.

I started watching General Hospital on my own when Elizabeth Webber came to town in August 1997. Prior to that, I had watched off and on my entire life with my mother, who had watched since the mid 1970s. Elizabeth is my favorite character, which is why the times I stop watching are usually when she’s heading for a bad storyline (I stopped watching the second time she married Ric, the second time she married Lucky, and I walked away for three years when she had an affair with Nikolas). Still, I have warm and fuzzy memories of GH in the 1990s — the return of the Spencers, watching Ned get caught at bigamy with Lois and Katherine, watching Stone die. I remember when Jason bounced the basketball after his accident to annoy his parents. I remember the original clink-boom when Lily died and Brenda married Jax. But at the end of the day, I’m an Elizabeth fan first.

I first opened a collection of General Hospital fanfiction at Geocities in 1998. I’m sure no one ever visited it, and the only people who ever read anything I wrote prior to 2002 was a Lucky and Elizabeth mailing list. On September 19, 2002, I opened a fanfiction archive at a now defunct domain which grew to more than 100 stories. A combined computer crash and data loss on the domain led to the loss of almost a quarter of my original stories, sadly. I’ve recovered almost all of them through the magic of internet, but some remain lost.

This site is operated by WordPress and the images are designed using Adobe Photoshop, with images I’ve had in my personal collection due to having had various fan sites for GH actors and screencaps from the episodes.

Over the years, I’ve gone through periods when I wrote a ton, and then periods when I basically disappeared. 2002-03, I wrote the bulk of my early stuff. I got a job in 2004 and didn’t go back to GH until I had a DVR. The next huge bulk of writing came during 2006, petering out in late 2008, when I went back to college. So those are my two very active periods. I’ve got a decent amount since I started posting again in April 2014.

You will find, since the majority of my longer fiction and short stories were written in 2002-04, that the site is overwhelmingly, and almost nauseatingly Jason/Elizabeth, because I was a pretty big fan of them. However, my first loyalty really is to Elizabeth, and there are small hints of that. There’s at least one Patrick/Elizabeth story, and possibly a Elizabeth/Ric tone to some of the later stuff. Later, in my second wave of writing, 2006-07, the site began to reflect a more thorough enjoyment of the show with Dillon/Georgie, Patrick/Robin, Johnny/Nadine (which really only existed in mine and like three other minds) among others.

My stories are generally ensemble in nature if they’re longer than a part or two. Characters don’t exist in a vacuum, and that should be especially true on a soap opera. Stories should affect everyone, the way real life effects everyone.


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