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So I missed the tenth anniversary of the website in 2002, and then the twelfth. Haha, so while attempting to reconstruct some of the lost and abandoned stories, I was using the Internet Wayback Machine on a site where I know my fanfiction was hosted before much of it was lost and decided to go back about eleven years to visit the kind of writer I used to be. There aren’t many of us Liason writers left from the days 😛

On September 19, 2002, I put up my first General Hospital fanfiction archive since a brief flirtation in 1998 at the height of my Lucky and Liz 1.0 love. Initially, it was actually an archive that I only remembered to update sporadically as I did most of my posting at The Canvas. Once I had started posting at Liason Underground (the old version), I kept it going. And when The Canvas began to suck the big one, I threw myself into it.

While much of the early stuff has been lost, the following version of an old layout has been saved:




It’s from January 20, 2003 and shows that, haha, my ability in both graphics and web design has come a long way.  The stories listed in the update section are completely lost to me. One Day at Work, featuring a hostage situation, and some flash fiction. Even True To Your Heart, a future story I wrote in 2002 and set in 2012 is relatively gone. I have some of the chapters, which will be part of the Fiction Graveyard section.

By clicking on the in progress link, you’d see I was writing Out of the Dark (the lost prequel to Surviving the Past), Everything I Do, Tell the Truth, and True To Your Heart. Two of those stories were later completed and still remain on the site.  Most of the pages on this early version were lost and were not archived, but browsing around the files that remain, I learned that at that I had the following stories on hiatus: Aurora Dawning, Life’s Little Quirks,  and If You Ask Me To. The first two have been completed and remain the site. I…dont know what the hell the last story is, haha.

I had a trivia page about the stories for some reason.

[spoiler name=”Click here to read old trivia!”]

Jaded is based on a challenge that was posted in September but I changed it so much it doesn’t even resemble the original challenge.
-The original ending of Surviving The Past was Elizabeth leaving town and the epilogue was going to have Jason tracking her down. Elizabeth didn’t seem to want to cooperate–she wanted to beat up Jeff instead.
Aurora Dawning and Life’s Little Quirks are both based on challenges from the Random Roswell Ramblings message board. I only took the council idea for Aurora Dawning and shortened LLQ’s requirements.
-When I posted Please Remember on the Canvas Message Boards, I got over 70 replies, which is like fives time the number I normally get. It’s why I’m writing the sequel.
-Originally, I planned on Jason and Carly marrying in In The Middle and having Elizabeth come to him the night before the wedding and admitting their love to each other while making love. Having this plot would have lengthened the story considerably since I would have had to have Carly’s fake pregnancy revealed.
-The original ending for The Ends of the Earth had Lucky destroying the courtyard at Kelly’s after seeing Jason and Elizabeth leave together. Carly was supposed to witness this and run to Sonny to tell him so he could call Jason. Sonny and Carly then were supposed to work part of their marriage out while Jason convinced Elizabeth to leave town. Having this ending would mean that Elizabeth never broke up with Lucky and that left the confrontation out.

The final two stories mentioned are not on this page and are the only two full length stories I have completely lost. I had forgotten about The Ends of the Earth, which I think was that Lucky had some sort of debt that Elizabeth stripped to pay off. It was the response to a challenge. I would love it if anyone knew where these were.

I also didn’t remember that Jaded was based on a challenge and honestly could not tell you what that challenge might have been.

[spoiler name=”Content of An Old Coming Soon Page!”]
An alternative form of the show written by various authors.

All She Ever Wanted
Third installment in the “Touch The Sky” series.

No More Tears
Third installment in the “Take Me By The Hand” series.

Phone Calls and Cheese Fries
Dillon hears from Tracy.

Empty Places
The Siz (Sonny/Liz) fic that I promised Alana ages ago. Also will feature Jason/Brenda (Brazen).

Nyd’s birthday present.

Under The Boardwalk
The sequel to Spinning On An Axis that I’ve been promising Addie for ages.

I’m With You
A Jason/Liz and Dilon/Georgie alternate universe fic.

Repeating History
Takes place twenty years in the future, with the next generation of the mob squad.

Faith In Me
The Brenda/Liz sister story I’ve been working on for ages.

A Jason/Liz, Emily Nikolas twist on the Helen of Troy myth.

A Jason/Liz, Dillon/Georgie, Maxie/Kyle, Carly/AJ fic about the intertwining lives of people who live in the same apartment building.


A teen fic about the Prom. Features Maxie/Kyle, Georgie/Dillon, Georgie/Lucas.


Of those, only No More Tears and Rivalry were ever written, haha. I actually don’t remember much about the other stories. Some of them had cookies. Back then, I used to make up the cookies before ever writing the story, which is why Rivalry’s is no where to be found.

[spoiler name=”Under the Boardwalk Cookie”]

Jasper Jacks sat across from his niece at the Port Charles Grille and eyed her suspiciously. “There’s got to be a catch.”

Elizabeth Webber giggled. “Jax, you’re being ridiculous.”

“Hey, after the year I just had, I’ve earned the right,” Jax remarked, leaning forward.

Elizabeth’s euphoric mood vanished and leaned forward to cover her uncle’s hand with her own. “I’m sorry. I know…I know it couldn’t have been easy. I wish I had been here.”

Jax sighed heavily. “It’s all right, you’d been looking forward to that trip since Christmas.”

“I know it must have been difficult watch her get so sick,” Elizabeth said softly, her blue eyes warm and sympathetic.

“It was,” Jax admitted. He sighed and looked away. “I adored her–she was my entire life and the first time she died…it nearly destroyed me.” He met his niece’s eyes. “This time…I knew it was coming. And I had my family to support me.” He shook his head. “Anyway, back to this foolish plan of yours.”

Elizabeth grinned. “It’s not foolish, it’s foolproof, I said,” she laughed. “Jerry, Luke and I are going to go Atlantic City and look Jennifer Smith up.”

“What’re you bringing Spencer for?” Jax asked, grimacing.

“Because Jennifer has a soft spot for him, according to Luke, anyway. And it can’t hurt to have reinforcements,” Elizabeth explained.

“Usually your reinforcements are a little more…demonic, shall I say?’ Jax said. He signaled for the waiter to refill his wine glass.

“Spawn, Lucifer and the succubus will not be coming with me,” Elizabeth replied, using Jax’s favorite nicknames. “Jason wants to come, but this is something I have to do on my own. Besides, just because Carly and I have a truce, it doesn’t mean we have to hang out. I so prefer the company of Skye.”

Jax nodded. “Yeah. About the only thing those two have in common is their ability to max out a credit card  in about eight seconds.”


[spoiler name=”Faith In Me Cookie”]

“Lizzie’s just going away for a while.”

Ten-year-old Brenda Barrett peered up at her father through tear-filled brown eyes. “Why? Did I do something wrong?”

Harlan Barrett sat next to his daughter on her princess pink canopy bed. “No, sweetheart. Lizzie’s…she’s going to stay with her…some family.”

“But Lizzie’s my sister!” Brenda said. She leaned against her father’s shoulder and looked up at him imploringly. “Can’t Lizzie stay here?”


The cold word brought Brenda and Harlan’s attention to the slightly tipsy brunette standing in the doorway. Veronica Barrett’s eyes were cold and dark. “Harlan, stop babying her this instant.”

Harlan stood. “She just doesn’t understand and frankly, Veronica, neither do I. Lizzie isn’t hurting anyone-”

“Mommy, I want Lizzie to stay,” Brenda said.

“I don’t care,” Veronica barked. “Your father knows why Lizzie has to go.”

Brenda looked to her father. “Why does Lizzie have to go, Daddy?”

“Veronica, that’s not fair. Do not blame this on me,” Harlan snapped.


“Quiet,” Veronica ordered. “Harlan, tell her. Tell her why I can’t stand the sight of the little vermin.”

“She’s ten years old and I am not telling her why you have problems,” Harlan replied, coolly. “There’s no need to bring your idiocy into this.”

“My idiocy?” Veronica smirked. “Let’s talk about your idiocy. Letting that little rat inherit a third of your estate when it should be mine and Brenda’s. Lizzie’s not my daughter-”

“What?” Brenda gasped.

Harlan seemed to remember his daughter’s presence. “Veronica, this isn’t the time.”

Veronica’s eyes flicked carelessly to their young daughter. “Fine. But don’t coddle her-it’ll do her no good. Lizzie has already left for Miami.”

“S-she’s gone?” Brenda cried. “But I didn’t even get to say goodbye!”

“You won’t even remember her in a few years,” Veronica predicted. She cast another scathing look at her husband before leaving.

Harlan kneeled in front of his daughter. “I promise you, princess; I’ll make sure you and Lizzie never forget each other.”


[spoiler name=”Repeating History”]

Kaelie Corinthos and Ariel Morgan were sitting at the outside table at Kelly’s Diner when Marisa and Audrey arrived. Kaelie sat straight in her chair.

“Who’s that?” Kaelie asked, pointing to Audrey.

“This is Audrey. My mom’s best friend came into town today and this is her daughter,” Marisa replied.

“Who’s your mom?” Ariel asked, tossing her brown hair over her shoulder.

“Elizabeth Webber,” Audrey replied.

Kaelie let out a low whistle and Ariel frowned. “Elizabeth Webber,” Kaelie said. “Wonder if Morgan knows she’s back.”

Marisa rolled her eyes. “Kae, don’t get started.”

“What does your uncle have to do with my mother?” Audrey asked curiously.

Kaelie smirked. “You mean you don’t know.”

Ariel leaned forward. “Your mother is the reason my parents are divorced.”


Elizabeth sighed. “This is crazy.”

He frowned. “What is?”

“The two of us. We haven’t seen each other for nearly twenty years and its like it’s the morning after.” Elizabeth rubbed her temple wearily. “I don’t want to dance around you the whole time I’m here and I really don’t feel playing catch-up either.”

He shoved his hands in his pockets. “What do you want me to do Elizabeth?” He met her eyes. “Pretend it didn’t happen?”

“You don’t pretend,” Elizabeth said, automatically. She smirked. “At least you never used to.” She looked away, unable to look into his eyes and not scream the truth. “I don’t want to pretend it didn’t happen. It happened and we have to deal with it. We’ve spent twenty years pretending it didn’t and frankly, I’m sick of it.”

And then something occurred to Jason. Audrey Webber was nineteen–she’d just turned nineteen. Ariel had just turned nineteen. They’d been conceived more or less around the same time. Something dawned in his eyes.

“She’s my daughter, isn’t she?”


[spoiler name=”Rivalry Cookie”]

Elizabeth slid into her sister’s car the next night. “You said you had an idea.”

Courtney put the car in gear and pulled out of Kelly’s parking lot. “I have an outstanding idea, Lizzie. If you’re game.”

Elizabeth raised her eyebrows. “I can handle anything.”

“I’ve got a little proposition for you,” Courtney began as she steered the car towards Luke’s. “We both know that getting phone numbers and dates is incredibly easy. Let’s face it. We’re both gorgeous and some men practically fall at our feet.”

“That’s true,” Elizabeth murmured, shooting her sister a glance out of the corner of her eye. “So, what did you have in mind?”

“We need a real challenge,” Courtney decided. “Someone who takes a little work.”

“But where will we find such a person?” Elizabeth asked, a small smile on her face.

“Before I tell you his name,” Courtney began, pulling into the parking lot. “We need to set some rules.”

“Of course.” Elizabeth unbuckled her seatbelt.

“The game ends when we sleep with him,” Courtney said. She shot a look at her sister. “Unless that bothers you.”

Elizabeth shook her head. “Not at all.” She shifted in her seat. She wasn’t a virgin, but she’d only slept with one guy before and it hadn’t been an enjoyable experience.

“This is just a game. Remember that, Lizzie,” Courtney said. “The only rule is don’t get too close. The object is to see who gets him first.”

“And you think this guy is going to be more difficult than most?”

Courtney opened her door and slid out of the car. Elizabeth got out and came around to Courtney’s side of the car. She nodded in approval at her sister’s outfit-definitely designed to draw attention. Tight black tank top with a plunging neckline and black leather pants that Elizabeth was surprised Courtney could walk in.

Courtney smirked. “You have no idea.” She eyed her sister’s tight blue t-shirt and black leather skirt. “Those heels are little high don’t you think?”

Elizabeth brought her leg out as if examining the three inch black stilettos. “No. Not at all.” Standing straight, she said, “So what’s his name?”

“Jason. Jason Morgan.”

Elizabeth’s blue eyes widened. “Your brother’s friend? Are you nuts, Courtney? Sonny would kill us!”

“Not if Sonny doesn’t find out,” Courtney said in a sing song voice. “Besides, we both know it’s only going to take a few days.”


Author’s Note: This excerpt never made it into the final version.


[spoiler name=”No More Tears Cookie”]

She knocks on the open door to his office. He’s sitting behind the heavy oak desk, just staring at the surface. He was doing when she brought him coffee that morning and when she’d brought him lunch from Kelly’s.

He hadn’t gotten any work done since Emily had been admitted to the hospital three days ago and if she was honest with herself, neither had she.

“Hey,” she says softly. He looks up at her. “It’s five.” He just shrugs and leans back in his chair. Elizabeth steps inside the room. “Sonny wanted me to remind you that you don’t have to come in if you don’t want to.”

“I have to,” Jason replies quietly.

“Yeah, I know.” She sighs. “You want to head over?”

“We’ve been going over every day after work,” Jason says. “We sit in that room and we eat dinner with her, Zander and Lucky. And every day, it’s the same. Nothing ever changes.”

“They’re trying chemo again,” Elizabeth offers weakly. She tucks her hair behind her ears. “Maybe…maybe it will work.”

“It won’t.” Jason stands and rounds his desk. He leans against it and studies her. “You know that.”

“Jason…” Elizabeth trails off. She looks down at her feet. “Yeah…I know that.”

“Come here,” he says, holding out his hand. When she takes it, he draws her closer to him and tilts his head a little. “You okay?”

“Yeah…sure.” She shrugs. “Why not?” Elizabeth looks away. “I mean…I’ve got a good job. A nice apartment. Almost enough money for a semester at PCU. I’ve got friends. I’m fine.”


She sighs. “I’m fine. I promise. No more visits to the bridge.”

His face darkens and he shakes his head. “That’s not funny.”

“Yeah, I know.” Elizabeth combs her fingers through his hair and moves closer. “How about you?”

“How about me what?” Jason asks.

“Are you okay?” she asks.

“I’m fine,” he answers immediately and the words bring a sad smile to her lips. He’s always fine, sometimes it seems like nothing fazes him, that nothing bothers him. But she knows that perception of him is wrong, that Jason Morgan feels so deeply that sometimes he didn’t even realize it.

“I feel so guilty,” she admits after a moment. Her fingers touch his face, brush over his cheeks, touch his nose, rest on his lips for a moment. “Because I had everything in my fingertips and I tried to throw it away and Emily is going to lose it no matter what she tries.”

He takes her hands in his and envelopes them in his larger and warm hands. “Don’t ever feel guilty for your choices,” he tells her. “It doesn’t matter now that you tried to throw it away. You fought your way back and you know Emily doesn’t blame you for that.”

“I know,” Elizabeth sighs “But it doesn’t stop me from feeling guilty.”


[spoiler name=”I’m With You Cookie”]

Author’s Note: I have not the slightest clue where this was supposed to go.

“I think you’re being unfair to her,” my younger sister declared that night over her algebra homework and a plate of orange slices.

“Georgie, you’re sixteen. You can’t possibly understand-”

“Understand what?” she interrupted. “Understand that Elizabeth is in debt and looking to get out? Understand that you’re just mad because she won’t ask you or Nikolas for financial help? Tell me, oh brother, dear, what exactly is it that I don’t understand?”

Georgiana Cassadine is only my half sister-she’s my brother Nikolas’s full-blooded sister from Stefan Cassadine and a woman that none of us ever met. She grew up in Greece, but after her father died, she begged Nikolas to send her to live in Port Charles-to grow up like a real American teen, she’d told him.

Nikolas, while ruthless in business, was a pushover when it came to our sister and the morning after I graduated from PCU, Georgie Cassadine showed up on my apartment building steps, luggage piled behind her and a hopeful smile on her face.

If you’ve seen Georgie smile, you know you can’t deny her anything. She’s lived with me ever since, and it’s been a pretty interesting year and a half. She’s a sophomore at PC High now and takes every opportunity to side with Elizabeth–especially when Elizabeth is disagreeing with me.

“Okay,” I said reluctantly, “maybe you do understand. But I just don’t understand how she could sell her eggs. That’s like selling her children.”

“Actually, an unfertilized egg is not even near a child,” Georgie reported in her know-it-all tone of voice. Despite having grown up on the Mediterranean Sea, she had no Greek accent, thanks to the many tutors she and Nikolas had had. If anything, Georgie had a slight English accent that made her so much harder to say no to.

“I know that, but still-”

“Lucky, just don’t be an idiot. Go with her to these appointments,” Georgie advised. “She’s your best friend in the entire world and she wants your support. It won’t kill you to give it to her.”

“I don’t like you being reasonable,” I replied, irritated. “You’re a sixteen-year-old girl. You’re supposed to be irrational and hormone ridden.”

Georgie rolled her eyes. “You’re confusing me with teenage boys.”


I had an actual spoilers page, haha but the content doesn’t seem to have survived.

So after perusing my old site as much as I could, here are the stories that will be making it into the Fiction Graveyard:

True to Your Heart — but only a few chapters remain and sadly, none of the early ones.
Secrets Kept – up through chapter 4.
Sing Me A Lullaby – only a few chapters
Fumbling Towards Perfection
Inside Your Fear
The End of Everything
Silent Reverie
Out of the Dark (but only a few sections of it)

Stories that I know exist, are completed but have vanished entirely from all the places I have access:

One Day At Work
In the Middle
The Ends of the Earth

Would anyone be interested in having either the trivia or spoilers section come back?


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