Throwback Thursday #1: And in the beginning…

First things first — I’m going to be using the Read More tag on the blog more often with the link above the cut, and then all the chatter below it. If you’re into my nonsense, you can keep reading, but if you’re not, the links and recent updates are a bit easier to find. Especially since I’m such rubbish at updating the Recent Updates page.

This is the first in a new feature I’m bringing to Crimson Glass. I know a lot of you have been with me for several years, but I’ve been writing General Hospital fanfiction for 19 years. In fact, July 28 was my 19th anniversary of posting for the first time at the Canvas (at least — I’m almost sure it was July 28. It might have been anywhere from July 22-29, tbh).  Also, Liason are sharing scenes again on the show, and I’ve seen CG recommended to new fans on Twitter.

I thought it might be fun to go through my archives and pick out something each week to revisit. I’ll link to it and share some thoughts about how the story turned out and what not.  I’m trying to focus on the fun and the journey of my writing.  While this week I’m picking out the story, please let me know if there’s any thing you’d like to see highlighted for this feature.

Let’s get into it!

Throwback Thursday #1:  Too Dead To Cry

While not the earliest piece of fiction on this site (that honors belongs to The Sisters, which has the very first Liason scene I ever wrote tucked somewhere in that mess), Too Dead to Cry was one of my favorite early attempts at writing Jason.

I used to struggle hard to write Jason, which I think you can probably see in my earliest stories. Even in 2014, when I came back to writing after a long spell, I know that I still didn’t quite nail Jason. In fact, I found him so intimidating that I’d often default to writing Elizabeth’s POV.  It’s not that she’s the easier character, but I just vibed with her so much more. I understood her more, and therefore, it was easier for me to write her.

I started to challenge myself with The Best Thing when I wrote the opening scene in Elizabeth’s POV and realized that it wasn’t working. The Best Thing isn’t her story. I rewrote the opening scene from Jason’s eyes, and I knew that I was starting something special.

Too Dead To Cry is set in early September 2002, during the early days of the Sonny-Isn’t-Dead Fiasco when we knew Jason wasn’t telling Elizabeth anything, and that she was worried about him. Around the same time, I heard the song “Bother” for the first time (at the time, credited to Corey Taylor, but now to Stone Sour) and it really just seemed to describe what I thought Jason might be thinking.

So I wrote this short and I still really love it. I think it’s the best of my early Jason, particularly of anything I wrote in 2002.

Let me know what you think! Have you guys read this one before? Was it new to you?

A note on future updates: At the moment, I’m planning to come back on Friday with an update to Scars. Sunday is up in the air because my nieces are spending the night and I don’t know when they’re going home on Sunday.

I’m still not writing a lot, so I’m taking a break from Mad World to see if I’m just burnt out on that story. I’ll keep you guys in the loop. If I don’t update tomorrow, it just means I wasn’t ready to start flash fiction again.


  • Nothing you say is nonsense!

    According to Angela on July 29, 2021
  • I hadn’t read this one before but it’s so good and so heartbreaking!

    According to Laura on July 29, 2021
  • Love all the throw backs – and write when you can! We are here for it when it happens

    According to Nicole on July 30, 2021