Sample Chapter Week Kicks Off!

Update Link: These Small Hours, Chapter 1 – Excerpt

Get access to full chapter and the other five stories going up this week for $2

For the month of August, I planned six projects to give me a lot of options for the fall writing project, then I would write a sample chapter for each to help me decide. I had always planned to release these samples to the Patreons on all tiers, and excerpts (my favorite scene) to the entire CG audience, so daily updates continue through next Sunday, even after my daily Flash Fiction schedule ends on Wednesday.

Since I’d had a few people contact me privately asking to make a one-time purchase for the copy of a draft, I looked into making that a bit easier for others who want to support the site and get access to early drafts. You guys already know about Counting Stars, the Alpha Draft.  I decided to find a way to open up these sample chapters for the same access.

I will always list the drafts at the price my Patreons pay. Since the Patreons on the lowest level ($1) have access and these will post across two months, I’ve priced the entire six story bundle at $2. Each day I will update the zip file and send you a special link to download/read the newest chapter.

Like I said, I will never paywall anything that would have been offered for free. These are chapters of a first draft, and one of these stories will be picked for my fall writing project, which means you’ll get this story sometime in the spring. Before Patreon, these would have stayed in my Scrivener files. There’s actually still a lot of stuff I’ve never posted.

I know it probably feels like I’m shoving this new feature down your throat trying to get money from you, and I’m sorry for that, it’s not my intention. Counting Stars was done last month, but I didn’t think of this feature until this week.  These offers should only happen once a month, or maybe even less. I’ve just always offered a ton of behind the scenes stuff on Patreon, and I’m looking for ways to give access to others who don’t want to do a recurring payment. I hope that you guys understand 🙂


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