These Small Hours – Chapter 1 Excerpt

Timeline: Picks up the day before Kate and Sonny’s wedding in September 2008. Michael was shot in April of that year, on the same day Jason and Elizabeth were engaged. Jason broke it off, and Elizabeth struggled the next six months to let go. She began to push Jason to renew things in private, but he resisted. Finally, he agreed, and offered to take her to Italy.

Lulu has been having mental health issues since accidentally killing Logan Hayes in self-defense, her condition worsening after Scott Baldwin badgered her on the stand with Johnny Zacchara standing accused of the murder. Lulu confessed and had a mental break, resulting in her staying at Shadybrooke.

Lucky and Sam have been together almost a year at this point. Nadine and Nikolas have been flirting for a few weeks, and she nearly died when the clinic Nikolas opened in Emily’s name was burned down the week before.

The Russians have been in Port Charles since July, but haven’t made any real moves other than general nuisances and Spinelli’s car accident. Andre Karpov met with Jason and promised peace.

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Chapter 1

I look ahead to all the plans that we made
And the dreams that we had
I’m in a world that tries to take ’em away
Oh, but I’m taking ’em back
All this time I’ve just been too blind to understand
What should matter to me
My friend, this life we live
Is not what we have, it’s what we believe

It’s Not My Time, 3 Doors Down

Sunday, September 28, 2008


When your dream came true, you should probably feel a bit happier.

The thought slithered into Elizabeth Webber’s mind as she rifled through the papers Jason Morgan had given her, which included her renewed passport, first class tickets, and—

She wrinkled her nose, looked up at him. “Power of attorney?”

“Uh, yeah—” Jason rubbed the back of his neck. “We’re going out of the country and neither of our legal next of kin will be there—”

“And we’re not exactly related to each other,” Elizabeth finished. Though they would have been, she thought wistfully, if he hadn’t backed out of their engagement six months earlier. As soon as that thought occurred to her, she shoved it right back out. It had taken a lot of hard work to get Jason even back to the point where he was considering renewing their relationship in private—

And she wasn’t going to think about any of that either. They’d bought tickets, she’d taken the vacation time, arranged for the boys to be looked after —

She and Jason were finally going to Italy, just like they’d always talked about. She should have gone seven years earlier when he’d held out his hand, when they’d both been younger and less jaded by life.

Because even as she scribbled her name at the bottom of a legal document stating she had the right to make medical decisions for Jason in the event he became incapacitated, part of her still expected something to go wrong.

It always did.

“The flight starts boarding at six,” Jason told her, “but I won’t be able to get to the airport until around five-thirty. As long as the ceremony goes as planned.”

Elizabeth nodded, tucking the papers in her purse. “Right. Did you add in extra time? Sonny’s weddings never go the way they’re supposed to. Especially church weddings.”

Jason winced at the reminder of Sonny Corinthos’s aborted wedding to Brenda Barrett over a decade earlier. “This one should,” he said. “Sonny’s out of the business, no one’s making threats.”

“It’ll be a shame to miss it. I had good seats for the last one,” Elizabeth said. “Even if I did have to steal them.” She folded her arms. “Sonny invited me you know, but I got the invitation when we were…” Broken up? How to describe the twists and turns of this last year. “Anyway, it’s fine. I’ll just wait in the first-class lounge until you get there.”

“Yeah, I’ll get through security pretty quick. I have to go to Puerto Rico once a month, so I have pre-clearance.” He hesitated. “I didn’t realize he’d invited you.”

No, of course he wouldn’t. The cream-colored envelope had arrived in July when rumors had still flying about Jason’s relationship with Claudia Zacchara, and he’d been avoiding Elizabeth like the plague. She had stared at the invitation far longer than necessary, tracing her fingers over the slightly raised lettering. Would their invitation have looked like this, she’d wondered, if not that phone call?

How many minutes of pure happiness had the world allowed her between the moment he’d asked her to marry him, and the world had shattered?

“He came by when I sent my regrets,” Elizabeth murmured. She turned away from Jason, heading to the sink to sort through old paintbrushes. “Said he hoped I’d change my mind.” She cleared her throat, looked back. “It’s not like it matters. We wouldn’t have sat together.” Jason would never have allowed the public demonstration of their relationship. She should be fortunate he was even allowing anything in private.

Jason opened his mouth, but then closed it. “I’m sorry,” he said finally, his voice a bit rougher.

“No, it’s fine. I understand why it has to be this way,” Elizabeth said briskly. “And I told you—” She leaned up on her toes, brushed her mouth against his, letting their eyes meet. “This is better than nothing, and this time tomorrow, we’ll be landing in Italy.”

“I can’t wait.” He caught her arm as she started to pull back, tugged her in for a deeper, lingering kiss, his thumb brushing her throat, shivers cascading down her spine. “I have to go,” he said, stepping back, his expression lined with regret. “If I’m going to be out of reach for a week, I need to make sure some things are in place.”

“I know. I have to get home to the boys before dinner. We’re transitioning Cameron from his sippy cup to a real glass, and Jake into a booster seat. It ends up being a mess—” She smiled, and this time it almost felt genuine. “I’ll see you at the gate tomorrow.”


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