Karma Updated!

Update Link: Karma Story Page | Karma – Part 2

Sorry for the quick update yesterday! I legit forgot that I was supposed to start posting this yesterday, lol. April completely snuck up on me. I hope you guys are having a great week!  I went through and updated the character images on the Karma story page so that they’re more appropriate to the time period, December 1997 (outside of Elizabeth, whose image, I think is from sometime in 1998/99). That’s probably not a detail that would bother anyone else but me, lol, so there you go.

I also went back and embedded the song for Part One. The soundtrack for all four parts is all Gabbie Hanna, one of my absolutely favorite artists, and I must have played these four songs a thousand time while writing this last fall, so I definitely recommend checking her out.

In other news, I finally completed the reread of the beta draft for Mad World. This took me five weeks because I went incredibly slowly and started editing while I was doing the reread. There are a few storylines and beats I decided to reorganize and that’s what has slowed down an edit that I had hoped to be done already and why the release schedule went from daily Monday-Friday to weekly, starting next Wednesday. I promise you, I think this is worth the wait.

Yesterday was April 1, which means we’re kicking off my third attempt at Camp NaNoWriMo in April. This year, we’re tackling Counting Stars, a project I attempted back in 2018 but abandoned because the plotting wasn’t quite right. I definitely think the approach I took this time around solved most of the issues I had with that first attempt, so I’m looking forward to it. I started that last night, and we’re about 2800 words into the draft.

See you tomorrow for Flash Fiction!



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