You have a hunger for disaster
But you’ll never get your fill
If by bringing someone down
You thought that you’d feel better
Then why are you so unhappy still?


This is my third #GHWhoDunIt for The Liason Haven, the first two being Death Becomes Her (2018) and Death By Candelight (2019). The idea is that you write a mystery in two parts: Part 1 sets up the mystery to let people guess and Part 2 solves it.

This entry is, uh, different, lol. I hadn’t intended for it to be so long but once I sat down to plan it, it just came together like this. I decided on the victim first, and then I wanted to play within the GH timeline — the first two stories are Alternate Universes.

I also like these mysteries to have a separate Liason romance plot, so the story always needs to have that in the background. Initially, this story was three parts. In the beta process, I realized Part 1 needed to be split into two parts and expanded. I added another 10k to really make the set up to the mystery smooth.

Thanks so much to Kimmie at Liason Haven for humoring my insanity. I promise the next time we do one of these things, I will actually keep to the assignment.

I’ve created a YouTube soundtrack for this story. Each part uses a different Gabbie Hanna song, and I definitely recommend checking her music out.


This is set in December 1997, beginning the day that Carly learned Tony planned to break up with her and sue her sole custody of her son. Carly flipped out, told Tony that Jason was the father, and Jason for some insane reason agreed to the lie.

I’ve tried to keep the timeline as close to possible with GH with the exception of Elizabeth’s history. In this story, Elizabeth was born in Port Charles and raised there by Steve and Audrey after her parents left for that fellowship in Russia and never really came back. I’ve put Elizabeth in Robin’s generation at about the same age, so she knows the entire crew and grew up with them, too.

She went away to college in Colorado and returned right before Jason’s accident. They never reconnected, though Elizabeth was friendly with Robin. She and Carly started the nursing program at the same time.

In case you’ve forgotten any of this history or aren’t familiar: Carly slept with AJ in April of 1997, a year after she came to Port Charles and broke up Bobbie and Tony’s marriage. At first, Carly lied to Tony, desperately trying to keep AJ from learning the truth. She enlisted old friend Lorraine Miller, a nurse at Mercy Hospital, to fake some sonograms and do other things. She drugged AJ to make him think he was drinking again, hoping he’d leave town and never remember their one night stand. But he did.

The only changes I’ve made come from my own foggy memory. I didn’t rewatch most of this story. I can’t remember now how much Lorraine knew about Carly’s history or how AJ handled most of the fallout after he found out the truth.  Robin and Jason broke up in August, sort of flirted with getting back together in October, but didn’t.  On the show, Robin came back before Jason did this dumb thing — I keep her in Paris longer.

Oh, and Emily doesn’t exist in this story. Alan and Monica only have the boys. Hopefully that clears up most of the timeline. Everything else should be self-explanatory.

A note about technology: This is set in 1997, before cell phones were in wide use. Some people on the show had them, but if you remember back to those days, service could be really crappy and phones really only dialed, lol. No texting.