Part 4

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the Karma

Song: Glass House (Gabbie Hanna)

I got people blamin’ me for shit they did to me

Taggert slammed the door, then scowled at Mac, his hands at his waist. “She’s running.”

Mac exhaled slowly, closed a folder on his desk, then looked at Garcia. “What’s your take?”

“Hard to say, to be honest. No way she knew we were going to bring her in today,” he pointed out. “It’s been a week. She’s suspended from work and getting a lot of flack from the public on being a suspect and who she was with when she found the body.” The detective shrugged. “She might have just taken off.”

“So, she’s a fugitive—”

“I don’t think that’s fair,” Mac cut Taggert off. “She didn’t see you, then run. She just wasn’t home when you tried to take her in. What about Morgan?”

Garcia sighed. “The guy at the Towers says Morgan didn’t leave, but honestly, we all know he didn’t drive himself out of the building. It’s hard to keep tabs on the guy. He was home when we went by this morning but refused to say anything without an attorney.”

“He’s hiding her—”

“Morgan never talks to anyone without an attorney present,” Mac said. “Look, we’ve got an APB out right now. Maybe she’s in the wind, but maybe she just wanted to get out of town for a bit. We’ll run it on the news and see what’s going on. I’m not ready to call her a fugitive yet—”

“You and the damn DA have been tiptoeing around this girl like she’s some kind of princess—”

“You’re not from Port Charles. Either of you.” Mac shook his head. “And neither is Dara. Elizabeth’s grandparents were well-respected pillars of the community. Elizabeth was considered a good kid until she started having run-ins with Carly Roberts. We fuck this arrest up, it’s going to blow up in our faces. If you don’t like it—” Mac pointed. “There’s the door.”

Lots of people shamin’ me for shit they didn’t see

“So am I fugitive or what?” Elizabeth asked, emerging from the maid’s room next to the kitchen after Jason had turned away his second visit from the PCPD that day.

“No.” Jason scowled, flipping the locks even though no one got access to the penthouse floor without a special elevator code. “No,” he repeated in a calmer tone. He turned to face her. “You’re a person of interest. The APB just says be on the lookout.”

“It’s weird,” she murmured, turning to the windows overlooking the city. “I want to fight this, I do, but that’s when I thought they were working with real evidence. Not someone framing me—”

“Did you finish reading the letters?” Jason came up behind her, put his hands on her shoulders, rubbing gently. “Anything Lee can use to prove they’re not yours?”

“It looks a lot like my handwriting, but it’s not my voice,” Elizabeth said. “A handwriting analyst looks at that kind of thing, don’t they?”

“I think so. And we’ll find the best one—”

“There’s nothing in the letters content-wise—just notes to Carly about backing off.” She paused, then turned to Jason. “Except some of them are dated. I think Lee can probably work with it—the earliest one is from November 12, and it’s warning Carly to stay away from you.”

Jason squinted. “But that doesn’t make any sense. Carly was still with Tony—”

“And I’d have no reason to tell anyone to stay away from you,” Elizabeth pointed out. “We didn’t start hanging out at Jake’s until after Thanksgiving, when my schedule changed. I started to come in on nights when you were there. Jake could probably verify that.”

She smiled wanly, turning to face him. “It’s not much, but it might be enough. Lee might be able to find more. But if I call him, he’ll want to know—”

“He’ll have to wait until the DA turns it over for discovery. We can’t show him our copy.”

“Which could take weeks.” She dropped her head against his chest. “What do we do? Do I turn myself in?”

“We could wait a few days while I look into Lorraine Miller,” Jason offered, “but then you’d have to explain where you were and how you missed the APBs—”

“That looks suspicious. Especially if I try to lie. I wanted time to look at the letters. Now I have.” She met his eyes. “I have to turn myself in.”

“I know.” Jason paused. “If you go tomorrow morning, you might be able to get a bail hearing before the end of the day. I’ll be there—”

“Maybe you shouldn’t post bail right away.” Elizabeth held up a hand when Jason scowled. “Let me explain—if I’m in jail, Lorraine will think she’s getting away with it. She might make a mistake—”

“I’m not leaving you in jail,” Jason said with a shake of his head. “Not happening—”


“If you’re under arrest, that’ll be enough for Lorraine—or whoever did this—to think it’s working.” When she opened her mouth to argue, he added, “Trust me. I’ve spent a few days in lock up. You don’t want to be there.”

And since he was the resident criminal who’d been arrested often enough, Elizabeth nodded. “All right. Then let me ask this. If Lorraine killed Carly, why is she still selling her secrets? She mentioned you, but we know she never got in contact. Who else might want dirt on Carly even after she’s gone?”

So point the finger, pull the trigger, throw them off your trail

“Hey.” Robin flashed AJ a smile as she sat across from him at Kelly’s. “You look tense—”

“Don’t start,” AJ muttered. “I’m sure you’ve already forgiven my brother. Are you helping him cover up what he did?”

Robin’s eyes widened. “AJ, why would I help Jason keep the baby from you? If you’re the baby’s father, then he’s not—”

“I know he’s lying,” AJ bit out. “He’d never cheat on you like that. Not with Carly. So either you know that, and you’re lying to me, or he’s still lying to you.”

“How can you be so sure? The DNA test didn’t rule Jason out yet—”

“Because I have someone who worked with Carly,” AJ retorted. “Someone who helped her lie about everything.”

Score one for Elizabeth, Robin thought. It looked like Lorraine had found a buyer. “If you have this, then why aren’t you using it in court?”

“I still need the DNA test.” He sat back. “I’m not going to let Jason take this from me. I’ve tried so hard to make amends for what I did. I can’t ever take the accident back, Robin. I can’t bring back my brother, but I’ll be damned if I pay forever—”


“If he thinks stealing my son is revenge—he’s going to regret it. So you tell him that I’m not stopping until I get my son back, and I’ll make sure anyone who was part of this pays for keeping this secret. Even if it’s you.” AJ shoved away from the table and stalked out.

Shaken, Robin twisted to watch him leave. Lorraine might be a blackmailing bitch, but was she really a killer?

Or had the killer just left?

You’ll get yours eventually

Lorraine unlocked her apartment door, scowling at the bills in the mail. AJ’s original payment had already dried up, and he was being bitchy about a second round—he hadn’t seemed interested in more of Carly’s secrets—

“As if DNA is going to be enough,” Lorraine snorted, dumping the mail, her keys, and coat on the sofa. “He should know better.” Jason Morgan had money and people everywhere.

The light flashed on her machine, and Lorraine pressed play absently. Probably another debtor—

“Hey, Lorrie, it’s me—” Lorraine turned at the sound of a nurse from Mercy. Amanda. Allison. Audrey? “Listen, I only have a few minutes, but I overheard that bitch Kelly talking to Patty about you working at GH. She said she ran into someone who mentioned it.”

Patty. The nursing supervisor who had turned her in for falsifying records. Lorraine’s palms began to itch. Damn it. Patty was tight with the staff in the nursing program—that was how Lorraine had gotten the job at Mercy after graduating from the program at GH.

“I don’t know how long you have, but someone’s gonna say something. You should get out of town.”

Lorraine deleted the message, but her pulse was already throbbing, her head pounding. She had to go — but she didn’t have the money. She didn’t have the resources.

Which meant it was time for the last resort.

I got people whisperin’ as if they know my life

Bobbie stepped up to the nurse’s station, flashing a hesitant smile at Monica at the computer. “Uh, hey.”

“Oh, Bobbie, I’ve been thinking about you.” Monica turned to her. “Ever since that APB was on the news this morning—they’re going to arrest her, aren’t they?”

“It looks that way.” Bobbie pressed a hand to her stomach. “I’m just glad Steve and Audrey aren’t here to see it—” She took a deep breath. “I mean, she didn’t do it, but with Steve’s heart, this would have done him in.”

“After the drug charges last year, I don’t doubt it.” Monica tipped her head. “Is she hiding? Has she contacted you?”

“I haven’t heard from her in a few days. I think she was keeping to herself. I’m sure she’ll call Lee as soon as she finds out they’re looking for her.” Bobbie put a hand on Monica’s arm. “I told Mac.”

Monica drew her brows together. “Told Mac what?”

“That you were lying about AJ’s alibi.” Monica sucked in a breath, but Bobbie kept going. “He’d just told me that Tony was in the clear, and God, Monica, it just leaves AJ and Elizabeth, and I know she didn’t do it—”

“You’ve always favored her,” Monica said, her tone short and clipped. “Since the day Jeff and Carolyn left her with Steve and Audrey—”

“I’m her godmother,” Bobbie said, “and yes, maybe I have looked out for her. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know who she is. So, Monica, look me in the eye and tell me you think Jeff’s daughter, Steve and Audrey’s granddaughter, murdered Carly and left her to die on a supply closet floor.”

Monica closed her eyes. “If it’s not Elizabeth, that only leaves my son. And I can’t let that be the truth either.”

“All right. I can understand that. But I had to make sure the police had all the information—”

“Well, it looks like it didn’t matter, did it?” Monica bit out. “Because you told them, and they’re still arresting Elizabeth. So maybe you don’t know her as well as you think.”

Friends can turn to enemies if you hand them the knife

Taggert nearly launched himself out of his seat when he saw Lee Baldwin striding through the squad room doors, Elizabeth on his heels.

“My client has become aware of the APB out for her arrest,” Lee said coolly, stepping in front of Taggert. “She’s here to turn herself in. You’ll arraign her quickly so that we can post bail—”

“No way in hell you’ll get bond when she resisted arrest and fled the jurisdiction,” Taggert retorted.

Lee arched a brow. “Do you have proof that my client did any such thing?” When Taggert just glared at him, Lee nodded. “I thought not. Come along, my dear,” he told Elizabeth, reaching for her elbow. “We’ll head down to booking. I’m sure the detective will send an officer with us—”

“Oh, no, I wouldn’t want to miss a moment of this—”

Taggert was interrupted as Mac strode into the squad room, relieved when he saw Elizabeth. “Elizabeth, oh, good, you heard about the APB?”

“And naturally came right in,” Lee volunteered as Elizabeth remained quiet.

“I’m just about to walk her to booking,” Taggert said.

“Let a uniform do that—Carmichael—” Mac gestured to an officer behind the desk. “We have a problem—”

“A problem?” Lee demanded. “What kind of problem?”

“None of your business—” Taggert began, but Mac glared at him, and the detective fell silent.

“Carly’s social security number,” Mac said. “We ran a background check on her, and Carly Roberts’s number comes back to a Charlotte Roberts who died in Florida several years ago.”

Elizabeth blinked, then looked up at her lawyer. “Lee, what’s going on?”

“It seems that our Ms. Roberts was using an assumed identity,” Lee said coolly. “And that will be an excellent defense for us in court. Officer Carmichael?” he said to the uniform lurking behind them. “We’ll go to booking now. My client would like to be home by dinner.”

You’re diggin’ me my grave, but keep the shovel nearby
Dig your own right next to mine

Jason paced the waiting room, feeling like he was going to burst out of his body. Right now, he knew Elizabeth was being fingerprinted and having her mugshot taken. He knew Taggert wouldn’t be able to resist interrogating Elizabeth once more. Still, Lee was sure that he’d get a bail hearing that day.

“I told you, Jason,” Justus said in low tones as they both kept one eye on an angry AJ who was at the other end of the room, Monica talking to him quietly. “She’s got a clean record, and there’s no physical evidence. Lee will get her bond posted, and this case might not even go to trial—”

“Lee’s one of the best,” Robin said from Jason’s other side. “He’s not going to let anything happen to Elizabeth.”

“Easy for you both to be so confident. You’re not the one facing murder charges—” Jason wished he could be with Elizabeth, to stand next to her as she turned herself in. He’d encouraged her to do it, but his being there would only make everything worse.

The pathologist stepped out of his office, then cleared his throat. “Uh, I’ve already sent a copy over to the court,” he said, “but I’ve made one for both of you—”

“Just tell me what it says,” AJ demanded, “so I can go upstairs and be with my son—”

“I’m sorry,” the man said with a shake of his head. “Mr. Quartermaine, but that won’t be possible.” He gestured at Jason. “The DNA test confirms that the baby’s father is Jason Morgan.”

Robin gasped in horror as Justus frowned — then AJ launched himself across the room, reaching for Jason’s throat.

“You son of a bitch!”

In your glass house
Are you sure you’re ready for the fall out

Lorraine wound her way through the crowd of patrons until she reached the bar and found the man she was looking for. She’d saved him as her absolute last resort. If he didn’t want what she was selling, Lorraine would be out of options.

Luke turned away from an argument with his bartender only to meet Lorraine’s expectant eyes. “Can I help you, darlin’?”

“Yeah. You can tell me how much it’s worth to you to make sure your sister never finds out who Carly Roberts really was or that you knew all along.”

The warm glint disappeared from the man’s face, and his expression grew so cold Lorraine nearly shivered. Maybe that hadn’t been the right way to start the conversation—

“Listen to me, little girl.” Luke leaned forward, his voice hushed. Yet Lorraine could hear every word over the din of music and people. “Whatever you think you know, you’re going to keep to yourself. If you step near Barbara Jean or say another word about Carly Roberts to anyone, you will regret every single moment I allow you to breathe.”

Lorraine swallowed hard. “Wouldn’t it just be easier to pay me to go away—”

“I don’t give in to blackmail. You think you’re big and bad, Miss Lorraine Miller—” Luke smirked when Lorraine’s eyes widened. “Yeah, I know who you are. I knew every single thing my worthless niece did in Port Charles, and as long as she left my sister alone and only tortured that moron Tony, I let her get away with it. So I know who you are and what you’ve done. You take whatever you think you know and get out of Port Charles. Immediately.”

Lorraine fled into the crowd. Luke’s eyes followed her out, then sighed. He was going to have to deal with this, after all. That one wasn’t going away so easily.

Throwin’ stones, I think you need to slow down

Elizabeth rubbed her hands, wincing as Jason scribbled his name at the bottom of the check for her astronomical bond. “Lee, couldn’t you have—”

“It’s fine,” Jason reminded her as her godfather just sighed. “It’s worth it. You didn’t even have to go into a cell—” He met her eyes. “And I’ll get it back after they drop the charges.”

“Awfully nice of you to bail out the mistress—”

Jason’s eyes iced as he lifted his head, turning to find Taggert sauntering into the clerk’s office. He said nothing. He ripped the check from the book and slid it across the desk.

“Detective, we have nothing further to say,” Lee said, stepping in front of Jason and Elizabeth. “My client has no statement—”

“Oh, I’m not here to ask her any questions.” Taggert smirked. “Just wanted to let you know, Mr. Baldwin, that we got the copy of the DNA test—”

Jason’s jaw clenched. “Shut up—”

“I’m sure Miss Webber will be interested in learning the outcome—”  Taggert looked at Elizabeth. “I’m sure Morgan here wove you a pretty tale about Carly lying to him and using him and blackmailing him—whatever he had to say to convince you to slice her throat—”

“That’s enough—”

“And he can afford to be generous with the bail. You’ll go on trial, be convicted, and he’ll get the money back. He gets the best of all the words. The money, the kid, and no pesky women around asking for promises—”

Elizabeth shook her head and looked away. She wasn’t going to listen to him—but—if the DNA test came back, then didn’t it mean—She looked at Jason, who was glaring at Taggert with malevolence.

“What are you babbling on about?” Lee demanded, speaking for them all. “Just say it and be done—”

“AJ Quartermaine seemed so sure,” Taggert said, “but it’s just like Carly said. Jason’s the daddy. What a guy, huh?”

I can see right through you from my glass house
Your glass house

Lorraine had a bad feeling when the elevators opened in front of the nurse’s station, and AJ Quartermaine stepped out. His eye was already turning purple and a cut lip, oozing blood.

She started to back up so she could duck out of sight before he saw her, but unfortunately—

“Oh no, you don’t,” AJ muttered, following her even as a few other nurses and doctors stopped to look at him. He grabbed Lorraine by the arm and steered her into an empty room. “You fucking bitch. I want my money back—”

“What are you talking about?” she squeaked.

“You promised me that Carly was lying about the baby and Jason,” he hissed, backing her up against a wall. “I paid you for the evidence! And it was for nothing! That bitch was lying the whole time! It’s not my baby!”

“It is, I swear!” Lorraine jerked the chart up, twisting her face away. “What are you talking about? All of that is true—I got fired because of it! You can even ask Mercy!”

AJ glared at her but then backed up. “Then why did the lab just confirm that Jason is that baby’s father?” he demanded.

What? Lorraine’s breath was rapid, and her head was spinning. “No! No! That’s not possible! It has to be a lie! Someone messed up the test! I know it’s yours!”

AJ narrowed his eyes, then clenched his jaw. “You’re going to tell me everything you know about Carly. Start from the beginning. And don’t you dare ask me for one more damn cent,” he growled.

I got people sayin’ take an eye for an eye

Elizabeth leaned back against the passenger seat of the SUV. She was grateful to be out of lockup and away from the reporters and cameras waiting outside the station.

“I didn’t lie to you,” Jason said abruptly as he drew the car to a stop at a traffic light. “What Taggert said—”

She looked at him, turning her head against the seat, drained of all energy. “About the paternity test? No, I know you didn’t lie. I just thought you’d changed the test to give you more time.” It would have been nice if he’d warned her, but—

“I would have,” Jason muttered, “if I had enough time, but I didn’t. I was going to fight AJ in court. Force another test or something until we knew for sure if he was guilty. I don’t understand—” He swallowed hard, his hands flexing on the wheel. “I never touched her again. I wouldn’t have done that to Robin. I didn’t even—”

“If you didn’t change it—” Elizabeth furrowed her brows. “Who could have?”

“I don’t know.” He checked the clock on the dashboard. “I’ll drop you at your place so you can get your car and get ready for your meeting with the board. How long do you think it’ll take?”

“That depends, I guess. My union rep wanted to protest the suspension and scheduled this before I got arrested.” Elizabeth’s smile was faint. “I don’t think they’ll rescind my suspension now that charges have been filed.”

“We’ll get your job back—”

“Maybe. But it shouldn’t be more than a half-hour. Why?”

“I’m meeting Robin at Kelly’s. We’ll wait for you there,” he told her, making the turn onto her street. He pulled in front of the building and put a hand out to stop her when she reached for the handle. “Come straight there, okay?”

“What, do you think I’ll hunt Lorraine down myself?” Elizabeth asked. She rolled her eyes. “I’m not stupid, Jason, and I don’t think Lorraine’s going to kill me even if we run into each other. How can she frame a dead woman?”


“Relax. I’ll listen to the board tell me I’m still out of the program, and I’ll meet you at Kelly’s.” She leaned over to kiss him, lingering. “I promise.”

I just turn the other cheek cause you ain’t worth my time

But Robin wasn’t at Kelly’s. Instead, Jason found Brenda sitting at one of the tables, tapping her fingertips restlessly. She jerked to her feet when he approached. “Hey. Hey. You’re here. Great. We need to talk—”

“I don’t have time for this—” Jason began, but Brenda was already shaking her head.

“No, Robin asked me to wait for you. She said she wanted to talk to AJ.” Brenda looked at Jason somberly. “She told me the truth. Or at least the truth as she knew it. I want to help.”

“Why is she talking to AJ?” Jason demanded. “And did she go alone?” He still wasn’t convinced Elizabeth wouldn’t attempt to confront Lorraine on her own, and now Robin was going after AJ—

Why couldn’t they just trust that he knew what he was doing? He was the damn criminal, not them.

Brenda bit her lip. “I tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldn’t listen. She said AJ seemed so angry after the results came back—as if he knew something the rest of us didn’t. She went to find out—”

“Where was she meeting AJ?”

“At the hotel, but let me go with you,” Brenda said. “I’m worried about her. And I want to help get to the bottom of this.” She got to her feet. “Please.”

‘Cause you see in black and white

“I’m sorry,” Epiphany said, closing the door to the conference room behind her and Elizabeth as they left the meeting with the board, her union rep already long gone. Useless asshole. “I tried to go to bat for you, but—”

“No, I appreciate it,” Elizabeth said with a sigh, looking back at the room. “It’s just hard to believe they’re taking Carly’s word for everything even after knowing that she framed me last year for the drug stuff. And that she wasn’t even who she was supposed to be!”

“They’re just covering their asses. As soon as you get this cleared up with the PCPD,” Epiphany told her, “we’ll be able to try again. You’re a good nurse, Webber. Don’t give up.”

“Thanks,” Elizabeth said. “It was nice to have you here and actually believe in me. Last year, the union rep told me I should just withdraw from the program quietly and avoid criminal charges.”

“Yeah, well, I believe in my nurses.” Epiphany patted her shoulder. “You let me know if I can help you with anything.” She left Elizabeth to return to her shift.

It was hard to accept that even if she could get rid of these charges, the hospital might not allow her to return. She’d never finish her nursing certification. Even if she started over somewhere else, there was no guarantee another hospital wouldn’t unearth the reason she’d been dismissed from this one.

At least her grandparents weren’t alive to be disappointed all over again.

Elizabeth headed for the elevators but then saw Lorraine out of the corner of her eye, ducking down a quiet hallway.

She hesitated because she’d promised Jason she’d go straight to Kelly’s, but damn it—Lorraine was right there. They knew she was trying to sell Carly’s secrets. What if she gave up and left town?

No, it was better to ask forgiveness than permission. Jason would just have to get over it. Lorraine was right in front of her, and Elizabeth wasn’t going to let the bitch get away with ruining her life again.

There’s more than just wrong and right

Robin was in the lobby of the Port Charles Hotel when Jason and Brenda showed up. Jason took Robin by the elbow and drew her away. “What are you doing, meeting AJ on your own?” he demanded. “You know we’re not sure that Lorraine did this—”

“Yeah, but AJ hated Carly. He doesn’t hate me, and I insisted on meeting in a public place.” Robin removed his hand. “I can take care of myself, Jason. He said he had proof you were lying about the test.”

I’m not lying about it,” Jason retorted. “I didn’t even do anything except give blood—”

Before Robin could protest, the hotel lobby opened, and AJ strode in, a manila envelope in his hands. He growled when he saw Jason standing there.

“What the hell are you doing here?” AJ demanded.

“He wants to find out who murdered Carly,” Robin interjected before Jason could say anything. “We know it wasn’t Elizabeth, but Carly had a lot of enemies. And she wasn’t even who she said she was.”

AJ exhaled slowly, glared at Jason, and shoved the envelope at Robin. “I know you’re lying and keeping my son from me. I’m already demanding another test—”

“What is this?” Robin asked as she glanced through the files, confused. “Sonograms?”

“Proof that Lorraine worked with Carly to fake a sonogram and other tests to convince Tony he was the father. If Jason was actually his father, she would have screamed it from the rooftops a long time ago. She was at Jake’s that night to find him,” AJ accused Jason. “She threw you out as a Hail Mary, and you were dumb enough to let her—”

Robin wrinkled her nose. “When did you get these?”

“A while ago,” AJ said. “But I was in negotiations before Carly died. Lorraine kept screwing around on the price. She would only give things in drips and drabs. She kept wanting more. After the murder, I just paid whatever she wanted. I didn’t want to give you a chance to mess with the tests, but I didn’t need to kill Carly.”

“If AJ’s telling the truth, and he had this ammunition—no judge was going to give Carly custody. Not over a Quartermaine,” Brenda said reluctantly to Jason. “I mean, the only we’d know for sure is if Lorraine admits it—”

“I confronted her after the test came back,” AJ cut in. “She swears she didn’t know anything about the test. Carly told her from the start that I was the father.” He lifted his chin at his brother, defiant. “Admit it, Jason. You’ve known all along you’re not the father. I didn’t need to kill Carly. Why would I when I’m this close to having my son?”

Jason could think of several reasons AJ might have done away with Carly, but the man had a point. He would have won custody easily with all of this evidence. He scrubbed his hands down his face. “I don’t know,” he said with a shake of his head. “It could be you, or it could be Lorraine.”

“It has to be Lorraine,” AJ said, putting his evidence back into the envelope. “She’s been shopping Carly’s secrets around for weeks. There’s a big one she said she’s keeping back, but Lorraine said Carly was threatening to tell the hospital why Lorraine was fired from Mercy.”

“It was in her best interest for Carly to be quiet while Lorraine negotiated for a buyer,” Robin said. “I don’t know. It sounds like Lorraine had the best motive.”

“What good are Carly’s secrets if she’s dead?” Brenda wanted to know.

“I guess that depends on the secrets,” Jason replied. “We need to know what they were.”

In your glass house
Are you sure you’re ready for the fall out

Lorraine went into the staff break room, and Elizabeth followed, slamming the door. The nurse blinked in surprise, coffee sloshing over the rim of her coffee. “I thought you were in jail—”

“Yeah, I bet you did,” Elizabeth said, staying on the other side of the room. “Since you forged the letters that got me arrested in the first place.”

Lorraine’s eyes opened comically wide. “What are you talking about?”

“You have a talent,” Elizabeth retorted. “You forged letters last year, remember? ”

“You’re obviously insane, and you shouldn’t be here. Aren’t you suspended—”

Elizabeth stepped in front of Lorraine to stop the other woman from leaving the staff room. “What made you finally snap?” she wanted to know. “Why’d you do it?”

“Do what? Oh my God, do you think I killed Carly?” Lorraine stepped back. “You’re crazy! I never touched her! Why would I—”

Don’t pretend—”

“No! I didn’t kill her, but—” Lorraine swallowed hard. “Okay, I might have forged those letters. I needed the money, and I didn’t want AJ to be arrested. You know he had to have done it—”

“Don’t you dare—”

“No! I only did it to buy time, okay? I’m going to tell them they’re not your letters, I promise—I just needed to get out town, and I had one more buyer on the line for Carly’s secret—As soon as I get payment, I’ll call from wherever I end up, and I’ll tell the truth—”

“You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you in the ass—you slit her throat and left her to bleed out. So why the hell would I believe you!”

“Why would I kill Carly? I could have kept blackmailing her,” Lorraine cried. “I’ve been doing it for months!”

“Just stop—”

“No, listen to me! I knew from the beginning only Jason or AJ could have done this! Carly told me she was going to make sure Jason ended up in jail if he didn’t help her, and AJ—” Lorraine’s hands were trembling. “Do you know everything she did to him to cover this up? God, Liz, it was terrible. She drugged him and lied to him—she made him think he was drinking again! He was so angry when he found out—”

Elizabeth hesitated. “Look—”

“I mean, do you think it’s any coincidence that Carly was murdered right after having the baby? Sure, AJ might have won in court with the evidence I gave him,” Lorraine continued. “But he’d still have to deal with Carly for the next eighteen years. Now—he’ll get his son, and she’s gone. AJ killed her!”

Throwin’ stones, I think you need to slow down

“I’ll have Lorraine paged,” AJ told Jason as they approached the nurse’s station. “She’s expecting me to come up with another payment anyway. You stay here—”

“No, I want—”

“Jason!” Bobbie slowed to a stop as she approached the nurse’s station, spying AJ next to him. “Are you looking for Elizabeth?”

“No—” He shook his head. “She should still be at her meeting—”

“No, I saw Amanda Barrington and Edward leaving about ten minutes ago—”

Jason grimaced. He checked the clock by the elevator. “I need to call her place. Or leave a message for her at Kelly’s. “Do you think Robin and Brenda are done at the PCPD yet?” Maybe they could swing back to the diner—

“Why are Robin and Brenda going to the PCPD?” Bobbie demanded.

“We think we know who killed Carly,” AJ said. “Is Lorraine Miller working today?”

“She’s working in the post-op recovery ward on the ninth. What does Lorraine have to do with anything?”

“Bobbie—” Jason exhaled. “I’ll explain in a minute.” He looked at AJ. “Convince Lorraine to go to the conference room on that floor. Make up a reason you’re going to pay her there. I’ll call Kelly’s and try to catch Elizabeth and see if Robin is on her way with Mac.”

I can see right through you from my glass house

“Lorraine Miller?” Mac repeated as he listened to Robin’s story with an air of skepticism. He flipped through the records they’d given him. “She was working with Carly?”

“Apparently. She knew Carly in high school,” Robin said. “Which means she knows who Carly really was — not the identity she was using here.”

“Which is probably the secret she’s been trying to sell without any luck,” Brenda continued. “Come on, Mac. Isn’t it more likely that she did this? She already forged Elizabeth’s handwriting before—”

“We don’t know that for sure—” Mac wrinkled his nose. “She got fired from Mercy?”

“For messing with records and some other things. I don’t know. You could probably stay here and find out, or you could come to the hospital and question her,” Robin said, irritated. “Come on, Uncle Mac. You know Elizabeth didn’t do this!”

Your glass house
Glass house

“You need to tell the PCPD what you know,” Elizabeth told Lorraine, her throat tight. Could AJ have done it? Were they wrong about Lorraine?

“I will. As soon as I get this last seller squared away. He’s balking, but I know he’ll want what I have—”

“No, you’re going to do it now!” Elizabeth cut in sharply. “I’m not going to spend one more day being accused of murder! God damn it, Lorraine, don’t you have a conscience?”

“Some of us can’t afford it,” Lorraine bit out. “Some of us didn’t grow up with grandparents who gave us everything—”

“Don’t you dare—”

“It’s just a matter of time before GH finds out why I got fired from Mercy! I have to get out of town, and I’m not going without my retirement plan—”

“Oh, screw this,” Elizabeth snarled. She yanked open the door and stalked out.

“Wait! What are you doing?” Lorraine demanded, her voice echoing in the halls as a high-pitch shriek. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to tell the PCPD myself!” Elizabeth called over her shoulder.

“You can’t do that!” Lorraine grabbed Elizabeth by the arm and swung her into the wall hard. Elizabeth’s shoulder radiated with fire, but she shoved Lorraine away, grunting. The other woman fell, and Elizabeth started to run.

Are you sure you’re ready for the fall out

Jason grimaced as he approached Bobbie at the nurse’s station. “Ruby said Elizabeth hasn’t shown up yet.”

“I bet she’s in traffic. I keep telling her to get a cell phone, but we get absolutely no reception in the hospital, so she hasn’t bothered,” Bobbie told him. “Can you tell me what this is about?”

“If you have the time, you can come with me to the conference room, and—” He turned, and the elevator opened. Brenda came out first, then Robin practically pulling her uncle. Their hair and clothing were damp from the storm that began after Jason arrived at the hospital. “You convinced him?”

“Not exactly,” Robin said with a huff. “But he agreed that maybe Lorraine needs to answer some questions.” She looked around, then frowned. “I

thought Elizabeth would be here.”

“She already left,” Jason said. “The meeting was over—”

“No—we drove past her car,” Brenda cut in, her eyes wide. “When we parked.” She tugged on Robin’s jacket. “Didn’t you see it?”


Elizabeth had never left the hospital? Damn it—

“Wait—” Bobbie snaked out a hand. “Wait! The board meeting! They had Lorraine come down and answer questions earlier before Elizabeth came in! She knew Elizabeth was going to be in the hospital. Is she dangerous?”

“Not unless—” Robin grimaced, looked at Jason. “Elizabeth might have seen Lorraine after the meeting. Lorraine could have hung around to see how the meeting turned out. And if Elizabeth saw her—”

“I’m going upstairs,” Jason told them, then stalked towards the elevators without waiting for anyone to say differently. If Elizabeth had seen Lorraine, she might have seized the opportunity to go after her.

But Lorraine might have murdered Carly in the middle of a crowded hospital. Jason didn’t have Elizabeth’s conviction Lorraine wouldn’t panic and go after her. She might be desperate—

And desperate people did stupid things.

Throwin’ stones, I think you need to slow down

It wasn’t until Elizabeth reached the end of the hallway that she realized she’d missed the turn towards the elevators, and the only door left was the access stairs to the roof—

There was nowhere to go but up.

Elizabeth shoved the heavy door open. She’d get to the roof and find a place to hide. Maybe she’d have enough time to bar Lorraine from coming through the door—

“Stop!” Lorraine cried after her. “I just need you to stop!” Elizabeth heard the heavy door open again and quickened her race up the stairs.

AJ turned the corner and saw the service door swinging behind Lorraine. Without hesitating, he followed.

I can see right through you from my glass house
Your glass house

Elizabeth shoved open the roof door, then slipped on a puddle of water—she went flying, slamming her knee into the concrete as she hit the ground.

She cried out, rolling over, then scrambled to her feet. She heard the door open, and then Lorraine was there. She advanced on Elizabeth, already soaked.

“I just need you to stop and listen!” Lorraine grabbed Elizabeth’s arm as she tried to get past her. “You’re going to ruin everything!”

“You’re trying to frame me for murder!” Elizabeth shot back. She shoved Lorraine away, but Lorraine launched herself at Elizabeth. She tumbled backward again, slipping on the wet concrete and slamming into the corner of the metal fire escape, her head spinning and exploding.

She landed on her hands and knees, dizzy and disoriented. The sun was long gone, plunging the roof into slick darkness with the rain pounding around them. Lightning flashed, illuminating the rooftop.

She couldn’t stay away, couldn’t stop herself—she slumped over, letting herself drift. Letting the rain slide around her. She heard shouting — and then a scream.

Elizabeth forced her eyes open and saw AJ standing at the roof’s edge.

You see in black and white

They found a mug of coffee broken on the floor, liquid pooling around it. The floor was mostly deserted as there weren’t many post-operative patients to look after. At the nurse’s station, they found a tired woman who admitted heard a fight maybe ten minutes ago, but the hallway was empty when she went to investigate.

The hallway with the stairs to the roof. Jason swallowed hard. The last thing he wanted to think about was Elizabeth alone on the roof with the woman who’d murdered Carly—

And where the hell was AJ? Had he been part of the fight? Had he followed?

The door to the roof opened just as they reached it, and AJ emerged, half carrying, half dragging Elizabeth. They were soaked from the rain, and Elizabeth was shaking—blood tricking down her cheek.

Jason’s heart lurched as he moved forward, taking Elizabeth from his brother and lifting her into his arms. Elizabeth tried to open her eyes, then winced at the light, moaning slightly. “What the hell happened—” he demanded of his brother.

AJ leaned against the wall, blood trickling down his face. “I got here just in time to see Lorraine chasing Elizabeth into the stairwell. So I followed—” He accepted the towel that Brenda retrieved from a nearby cart, blotting his face. “When I got there, Elizabeth was on the ground. I think she’d hit her head on the fire escape. Lorraine was going towards her—she had something in her hand. It looked like a needle.”

“A needle?” Robin repeated.

“She couldn’t just kill Elizabeth outright,” Brenda pointed out. “She might have wanted to make it look like a suicide or overdose. Maybe she panicked.”

“Where is Lorraine?” Mac demanded.

“I—I shoved her away from Elizabeth,” AJ managed. “But she went flying.” He met Mac’s gaze. “She went over the side. I think she must be dead.”

You see in black and white

Three days later, Luke knocked on Mac’s half-open door, then closed it behind him when the commissioner gestured for him to come in. “Question for you, Bubba.”

Mac leaned back in the chair, raising a brow. “What do you want?”

“Carly Roberts.” Luke paused. “You closed the case, didn’t you?”

“We did. Unofficially, it’s going down as unsolved, but we’ve got enough circumstantial evidence that Lorraine Miller was responsible.” Mac tipped his head. “Why do you care?”

“You don’t need to dig into Carly’s past anymore, then?” Luke said, visibly relieved. “It doesn’t matter who she was or where she came from?”

“You mean, am I going to tell your sister that Carly Roberts was really Caroline Benson—and her daughter?” Mac asked gently. Luke closed his eyes. wincing. “We looked into Charlotte Roberts, the woman who died, and got her yearbook. I figured that Carly was posing as someone she knew since they claimed to be from Florida. It didn’t take me more than a few days to find Virginia Benson and unravel Caroline’s past.”

“She came here to destroy my sister’s life,” Luke said hoarsely. “And if she wasn’t dead, she’d still be trying.”

“Maybe.” Mac closed a folder on his desk. “As far as I’m concerned, the case is closed. There’s no reason Bobbie ever has to know.”

You see in black and white

“Flight 2193 to Paris. Rows 1-5 boarding now—”

“That’s me.” Robin turned to Jason, sliding the strap of her carry-on over her shoulder.

He shoved his hands in his pockets. “You’ll call when you land, won’t you? Or at least let Brenda know—”

“Yeah. I always do.” Robin bit her lip, met his eyes. “I’m glad I came home for the holidays,” she told him. “That we could see each other again. I feel like we didn’t really have closure when you came to Paris in October.”

“I know.” He’d gone hoping Robin had changed her mind, but when she hadn’t—

She forced a smile. “And I really am glad you’re dating. I’ve always liked Elizabeth. It’s weird to think of you with her, I think, but I’ll be used to by the time I get home in June.”


She held up a hand, and some of the discomfort faded from her expression. “I mean that. I love you, Jason. I will always love you, and I know you’ll always love me. But we don’t want the same things. So it’s better this way. And now I know we’ll be able to be friends. That’s all I wanted.”

He kissed her cheek, his hands resting on her shoulders for a moment. Then he stepped back. “Have a good flight, Robin. I’ll see you in June.”

“See you in June.” Robin took a few steps towards the gate, then turned back, a guilty expression sliding across her face. “Wait. There’s something I forgot to tell you with all the craziness after Lorraine—”

“What?” Jason frowned.

“About that paternity test.”

See in black and white

Bobbie stood next to the phone, the receiver still in her hand, as Virginia Benson’s sobbing voice echoed in her head.

“She’s dead, my baby—our baby girl—she’s dead!” the woman had wailed. Bobbie had been so confused—she hadn’t heard from Virginia in years, not since Luke had brought him the tragic news that her daughter had died long ago.

Had Virginia had a breakdown with the holidays? Bobbie knew how grief could sneak up and swamp you when you least expected it—

But then Virginia had dropped a bomb into Bobbie’s peaceful world. “Why didn’t you tell me she was there? Why didn’t I know?”

“Where?” Bobbie asked gently. “Virginia, Caroline’s dead—”

“Why didn’t you call?” Virginia wailed. “I would have buried my baby! Instead, some stranger told me she’d been murdered—”

Bobbie squeezed her eyes shut. “Virginia—”

“Her throat was slit—why didn’t you tell me, oh why didn’t you tell me Caroline was there? My baby!”

The dial tone broke into Bobbie’s trance, and she stared at the phone, even as the sound dug into her brain like an ice pick. Caroline was dead. Had died only recently.

Her throat slit.


In Port Charles.

Oh, God. Didn’t that explain everything?

Bobbie swallowed hard, set the phone back on the base, and pressed her hands to her face. Carly Roberts had been her biological daughter—

Which meant Luke had known. And lied about it.

See in black and white

Elizabeth pressed her hand to her temple, still sore after the last few days. She accepted Jason’s help as she sat on the sofa. “Wait, what do you mean Robin changed the test? Why didn’t she tell you—”

“She didn’t know if her contacts would come through,” Jason explained. “She wanted to buy us some time—and she thought it might push AJ.”

“Well, it certainly worked—” Elizabeth closed her eyes, leaning into the sweet relief and the comfort of Jason’s other arm curled around her. “AJ wouldn’t have come clean to us about Lorraine being part of the paternity cover-up.”

“I just wish she’d told me she was going to try it,” Jason muttered, then sighed. “But I’m glad she did it. And I’m glad we were able to talk before she went back to Paris.”

“Mmmm, she’ll be back in June, and I definitely don’t want things to be awkward,” Elizabeth gently pushed the icepack away from her. “I mean, if we’re still—” She made a face. “If we’re still together. Not that we’re together, I mean—” She narrowed her eyes. “You’re laughing at me.”

“Me?” Jason arched his brows. “I’m not saying a word.”

“You’re laughing with your eyes,” she muttered. “Don’t think I don’t know that.” She stuck out her tongue.

“I think,” Jason said gently, returning the ice pack to her temple. “That we don’t have anything to worry about. The charges are dropped, but you can’t go back to work until the doctors clear your concussion. So why don’t we go away for a few days? We can’t go far because you can’t fly, but it’d be nice to be alone for a while.”

“Mmmm…” She leaned up to kiss him. “Why don’t we?”

All you see is black and white

In the nursery where Jason and AJ had spent some of their formative years, AJ sat in the rocking chair, cradling his newborn son, who had been released from the hospital only that day.

Edward Alan Quartermaine, already affectionately known as Teddy, batted his cloth-covered hands against another before, his eyes fluttering. Finally, he drifted into a light doze.

“Everything I have is yours,” AJ promised him, stroking a finger down his cheek. “And everything I do is for you.”

It was better this way, he reminded himself. Teddy would never have to think about Carly. No custody battles. No being used like a meal ticket or a weapon. And no Lorraine lurking around with her secrets and lies, betraying anyone who looked at her twice—

AJ had made sure of that.

All you see is black and white

The rain pounded down around them, lightning flashing, thunder roaring. AJ bent down next to Elizabeth, relief flooding him as he felt the pulse in her throat.

“I didn’t mean to hurt her!” Lorraine cried as AJ rose from his crouch. “I just needed her to listen! If you give me what I asked for, I’ll go away, and I won’t tell anyone—”

“Tell anyone what?” AJ demanded, advancing on her. “What do you know that anyone cares about anymore?”

“You killed Carly,” Lorraine said, her voice trembling, barely audible over the downpour. “I get it, okay? She was making us all miserable, and we’re better off, but no one ever has to know! Just pay me, and I’ll go away!”

“Why pay when I can make it happen for free?” AJ said. She frowned, but realization dawned when he took another step towards her. He grabbed Lorraine’s arm, dragging her towards the edge. Her nails dug into his forearm, but he easily overpowered her.

“No! No! Please! You’re not a killer! You’re not—”

“No? You and Carly can argue about it in hell.” Then AJ flung her over the side, a blood-curdling scream cutting through the rain—

And then it stopped.

All you see is black and white

The grim satisfaction AJ had felt when Lorraine had gone over the edge was nothing compared to the triumph that had flooded his veins when he’d dragged that scalpel across Carly’s throat, making her choke on every ugly and dirty word she’d been spewing.

He smiled down at Teddy. He’d done the world a favor, and that was enough for him. No one would ever have to know.

As long as Elizabeth never remembered what happened on that rooftop.

All I see is red




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