Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: Scars, Part 20

Sample Excerpts: These Small Hours – Chapter 1 | For the Broken Girl, Chapter 33 (Book 1 was 32 chapters) | Burn in Heaven | Malice

Felt a bit scattered today — didn’t sleep well and my jaw is always sore when that happens. And my principal kept sending emails! Like, dude, I know my vacation is almost over. Honestly, he shouldn’t be allowed to contact us outside of contract hours. (I know I could just turn my email off, I have issues.) Anyway, I did manage to work on the colors and tweak the layout for the Fool Me Twice subsite.

See you tomorrow for the last day (*sob*) of summer. I might do the update in the morning so I can mourn the end of my spare time properly tomorrow night. Relinking the excerpts for anyone who missed them. Hopeful to have another one up tomorrow.


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