Flash Fiction Sunday & Mad World update

Update Link: Signs of Life, Part 22 


  • Tentative Release Date: Mad World Book 4: Liberty
    • I am setting a date of Monday, April 4, to begin posting Mad World, Book 4.
    • I’m planning a Monday-Friday release schedule which leaves Saturdays as a catch up day for readers and Sunday as Flash Fiction.
    • Mad World should finish up around the end of May.
    • I am working on the second draft now, the beta draft. As long as I meet the February 28 deadline for this edit, this date should hold.
    • If I miss February 28, I will push it back a month and readjust.
  • Production Schedule updated with this date.
    • Ebook will be available the day the last chapter is posted.
    • Mad World Books 1-3 Ebook Re-Release is postponed until February, but still should be ready before April.
  • Recent Updates page up to date.
  • No project set yet for Camp NaNoWriMo in April.

Patreon Updates

  • Crimson Discovery #3 (Deep dive discovery blog for Obsession & Stalker Tiers)
  • Crimson Check #7 (All Tiers)
  • Next week, Stalker Tier will start its weekly Beta Draft updates.
  • Obsession & Adored tiers will get a monthly update on January 29, 2022.


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