Production Schedule


Discovery Draft: This is the preliminary version of the story. I write out all of my scene ideas, my plot sketches, the back stories, the relationships. I write everything down in various Scrivener drafts and then piece together a rough chronology, then break down the story by scenes and subplots.

Alpha Draft: This is the first draft. I’m an extremely linear writer — I find it difficult to write my stories out of order. I start at the beginning, write until the end and I almost never ever go back and reread. That’s usually how I end up stuck or putting things on the shelf. I only stop when the story feels stalled. There’s usually a reason for it. I don’t even read for typos or consistency errors.

Beta Draft: This is the second draft. I go through and reread and make any big changes. New chapters, scene cuts, moving things around. I do fix typos and inconsistencies at this stage, but it’s not the focus.

Posting Draft: Final read through for line level changes and inconsistencies as well as typos and spelling mistakes.

Release: The version that gets chopped into chapters for Release on Crimson Glass, Fanfiction.Net, and Archive of Our Own and is compiled for the ebook.

Winter 2022

  • Editing: Mad World, Book 4
  • Discovery: Fool Me Twice, Books 2 & 3 | Smoke & Mirrors | Counting Stars
  • Flash Fiction: Signs of Life on Sundays
  • Release: Revised Ebooks, Mad World Books 1-3

Spring 2022

  • Release: Mad World, Book 4 (April 4, 2022)
  • Discovery: TBA
  • Camp NaNoWrimo, April: Counting Stars
  • Flash Fiction: Scars on Sundays
    • if completed before June 30, Flash Fiction goes on hiatus until that date

Summer 2022

  • TBA

Fall 2022

  • TBA

Patreon Schedule

One of the things I struggled with last year was organizing and delivering reward perks for my Patreons (who I deeply value — I could not put as much time and effort into the site without them. I was able to quit my night job in late 2018 because of them and I can pay for this site and other resources for my writing). If you’re interested in supporting, you can find it here: Crimson Glass on Patreon. I’m working on an entire content overhaul in January & February.

Monthly (Last Day of Month)

  • Stalker: All perks are posted weekly. ($15)
  • Obsessed:  Alpha Draft progress ($10)
  • Adored: Beta Draft progress (#7)
  • Devoted: Posting Draft progress ($5)
  • Love:  No monthly perks exclusive to this tier atm. ($3)
  • Fan: Q&A Livestream -at least once a month, date might change ($1)


  • Saturday
    • Stalker: Weekly alpha draft update
    • Obsessed: Crimson Discovery – talking in depth about on going projects, looking for brainstorming. This will start monthly and graduate escalate to weekly as I get into the new routine.
  • Sunday
    • Stalker: No exclusive perks.
    • Obsessed: No exclusive perks.
    • Adored: No exclusive perks.
    • Devoted: No exclusive perks.
    • Love: Updates for chapters or short stories going live that week.
    • Fan: Crimson Check – weekly status update.

Randomly Posted

  • Stalker: Suggestion threads for Flash Fiction/Short Stories
  • Obsessed: Nothing atm.
  • Adored:  Voting on suggested Flash Fictions (summer flash fiction is coming!)
  • Devoted: Ebooks when completed.
  • Love: Ebooks a week early.
  • Fan: Nothing atm.