Flash Fiction, Not Knowing When & Mad World Updated!

Today’s Update Links & Round-Up

Yesterday was such an annoying day, honestly. Back and neck flared up, so I woke up late, and then I got stuck on hold with my doctor’s office and insurance companies — ugh. By 3 PM, I had just about given up on it being a writing day. Then, I did some videos for Patreon, and got my energy back (adding videos has REALLY helped creatively), and I ended up writing a chapter of Counting Stars, so I stayed on track which is great news.  Most of the videos are for the Discovery blog, but I’ve been putting up Random Writing Chats for all tiers.

This Saturday and next, I’ll be doing some research streams for future projects. I’ve put together 1997 clips for Kismet and 2008 for These Small Hours.  Subscribe to the YouTube channel if you want to hang out and watch some classic GH.

See you tomorrow!



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