True To Your Heart


I began writing this in August 2002 after a really awful scene between Michael and AJ. Michael, at the age of seven, had run away and ran into AJ on the docks. And he treated AJ like this horrible monster and everyone was so worried about AJ getting near Michael. The entire Michael paternity storyline pissed me off for roughly a decade — from the time Carly left AJ for Sonny in 2000 until Sean Kanan’s return as AJ in late October 2012. Finally, Carly and Sonny are facing punishment for their part in the whole thing.

But at the time, I couldn’t remember if anyone had really talked to Michael about AJ being his father, even biologically, so I wrote my first future fic.


This story takes place in 2012, but haha–the 2012 I envisioned in 2002. It’s seriously trippy how incredibly far off the mark I ended up being. The show, for me, stopped on October 11, 2002, just after Sonnny returned from the dead.

One of the weirdest things for me is the names I gave future children. Sonny and Carly are still married in 2012, with two more children in addition to Michael who is sixteen, seventeen. I gave them twins named Amanda and Andrew. I mean…what the hell? Jason and Elizabeth also got married and have two children: David and Delilah. I mean, I can’t even deal with the nonsense.

I began this story before Emily was recast, but she’s in town running ELQ (because I didn’t know she’d be a doctor on the show when she came back), and dating Lucky. AJ and Courtney stayed together and had two children: Jocelyn and Steven. Ned and Alexis married and had another child, a son named Eddie. In this story I decided to spell Kristina’s name as Christina, so there’s that.

Literally the only thing I predicted was that Kristina’s paternty would be revealed due to an illness requiring Sonny’s children to be tested. Ha. Which isn’t much considering it’s a common soap trope.

So that’s where we are. Michael doesn’t know AJ is his biological father at the beginning of this. Also, initially, I had casted two other people as Michael and Lulu because I was aging them, so any descriptions of them that go against Chad or Julie, just ignore them. I didn’t age Lulu, so she’s seventeen as she would have been in 2012 having been born in 1995, and Michael is 16 because he was aged in 2001/02 when Dylan Cash took over the role.

Fiction Graveyard

So I stopped writing this because I didn’t like the way I had written it. Ha. I didn’t like the setup with Sonny, Carly, and Michael. I really didn’t like the Jason and Elizabeth story I had envisioned. I don’t know. It’s weird. I think there’s some interesting stuff in here, but I just don’t like it.

Would I ever revisit it? Honestly, no. Because it’s a story based in what is now the past (2012) but picks up back in 2002, so it’s an odd duck that doesn’t quite work anymore. The main reason I wrote it was to address Michael’s paternity, and I feel like the show has done that finally for me in a very satisfactory way.


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