Secrets Kept


I wanted to do an elaborate alternate universe story, and I always liked the idea of Brenda and Elizabeth as sisters, and I used to love the Luke/Elizabeth relationship, so it seemed natural. And the idea of a family feud just seemed so right.


Alternate universe, so pretty much forget everything you know.

Graveyard Status

I discontinued writing this story a long time ago. A friend at the time, Cheri (romantic at heart) continued it and it was eventually completed. I haven’t read it in years, so I don’t know what changes she made or what choices she made or if they fit with my original vision. You can check out her version on her board. Thanks to Carla and Jane for sending over the link 🙂

However, I still like some concepts in this story. I just think I rushed some of it and didn’t think through other pieces. So maybe it’ll be rewritten at some point, I don’t know.


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