Part Five

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the Turning Points

If there was one thing Lucky Spencer did well, it was driving Elizabeth Webber away.

He’d clearly perfected it this time, but he realized now that he’d been doing it for years. Maybe since the day his parents brought him back to Port Charles and he stood in front of her on the docks and knew he’d never be the man she needed again.

Everyone looked at him and saw that boy he’d been once. That wise-cracking boy who exuded self-confidence, with the warm and generous heart who went to the wall for his family and friends.

That Lucky had been dead since the fire, since the night someone stole into his room, drugged him and took him away from everything he’d ever known. Lucky knew he would always be found wanting in the eyes of those who claimed to love him.

For his father, his choice of becoming a police officer would always be a source of bewilderment and disappointment. For his mother…well, maybe Laura didn’t care who had come home from the fire, but she’d been gone from his life so long, what did it matter? His sister didn’t know him. Nikolas saw someone to save—he’d needed constant saving after the fire, from Helena and brainwashing, from his own stupid plans. Emily wanted the boy with whom she’d run away with once, who shared puppies with her dog and saved her from blackmail.

And Elizabeth would always look in his eyes, search for that boy and always find him lacking. But that was fair, because he’d looked into her eyes, to find that delicate, fragile girl he’d fallen in love with and she’d been a stranger to him as well. He hadn’t wanted her to stay a victim, but maybe he hadn’t expected her to be so self-sufficient.

So when he picked Sam McCall up in Jake’s a few weeks earlier, maybe in the back of his head, he thought this would be the last time he’d have to remind people he wasn’t Lucky Spencer, pre-fire. He was Lucky Spencer, post-fire, and people who didn’t accept that were just doomed to disappointment. He was done doing what people wanted him to do. He didn’t love Elizabeth the way he was supposed to do. He cared for her, would always care for her, but he knew they’d settled last year even if she didn’t.

Sam had been downing tequila, reeling from the discovery that the woman she hated most in the world was her birth mother, at a loose ends with her life, hating who she’d become. People didn’t know, she had drunkenly declared. That was her fault, because she was such a good fucking con artist, she’d gotten lost inside her own con.

She’d forgotten who she used to be, and now she didn’t want to be who she’d become.

So after several rounds, they’d asked for a key and gone upstairs.

He’d always intended to confess to Elizabeth, to calmly ask her for a divorce. Maybe he’d even ask why she didn’t see this coming. They were both playing roles, both pretending they were each other’s soulmates. They were each other’s eighteen-year-old soulmates, but that was then. This was now.  He’d needed a night with another woman to tell him that.

But it hadn’t been a one night stand. Lucky had kept going back to Jake’s, and then eventually to Kelly’s during shift breaks, and then as often as possible. Because Sam didn’t know Lucky Spencer, pre-fire. She knew him as he was today. He didn’t know the con artist or Jason’s girlfriend. He knew Sam McCall. And there was something freeing about that.

He’d wanted to confess to Elizabeth, but the words had never come. He understood now, why she’d never walked away from him before during those dark days he’d been so jealous about Jason. To stand in front of Elizabeth and admit that they were never going to work, that they were never going to be right for each other, it was harder than it should have been.

It meant saying goodbye to pre-fire Lucky Spencer, and for the first time, he wasn’t entirely ready to bid cast his old self away. He’d spent so much time trying to be that boy, he didn’t know who this man was. Did he like being a cop? Did he want to be married? Did he want to have a family?

Did he like his family? Did he have any real friends?

So after Elizabeth had rushed out of Kelly’s, he hadn’t gone after her. He’d gone to Jake’s and stared at a shot of tequila, remembering how it had fallen apart.

A body dropped onto the stool next to him. “You have no idea how hard you are to track down, Lucky Spencer.”

Patrick stepped into the living of Bobbie Spencer’s brownstone and halted in his tracks. Bobbie and Robin were sitting there looking at him expectantly. He slid his hands into the pockets of his pants and grinned at them.

Robin narrowed her eyes. “You didn’t find her. I know those dimples.” She looked at Bobbie. “We should go look—maybe call Emily or something, She’ll know where to look.”

He scowled. “Hey, I found her. I talked to her. But Jason’s got people looking for her, too. One of his goons showed up to haul her away back to the penthouse so Jason can…” He shrugged. “Whatever. So I told Max that I had it under control, Max started arguing with me and Elizabeth got away from us.”

Robin pursed her lips. “Jason will find her eventually, but I’m still worried about her.”

“I’m less worried,” Patrick said. “She snuck away from a mob guard. Clearly, she knows what she’s doing.” He cleared his throat. “Am I…still in trouble?”

“Why would you be in trouble?” she asked sweetly.

“Because I woke up this morning to find that I was still a man, and therefore, always wrong.”

Bobbie snorted and turned away to hide her laughter as Robin shot her a look. “I heard what Carly said—”

“Hey, she said tried to seduce.” Patrick pointed at her. “Try. You know what try means? It means not successful. And she did it to annoy you. It worked. Therefore, mission accomplished. I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Hell. Women. Neurotic as hell. This woman was lucky she had a sexy crooked smile that made him think of all the ways he’d like make her smile.

“Okay.” Robin nodded. “I appreciate you looking for her, Patrick. I know Jason will find her.” She tapped her chin. “As for you…”

He saw the devious look in her eyes, as she looked at her friend.  “Bobbie, I think we’re going to head back to my apartment. I think Patrick needs to apologize a little more.”

He drew himself up, indignant. Apologize? What the hell…and then he saw that wicked smile.

Well, he could apologize a bit more if she had something specific in mind. Never let it be said that Patrick Drake couldn’t admit when he was wrong.

And he’d been a very bad boy.

“I absolutely think I have to make this up to you,” he said with a serious nod.

Max Giambetti was a good Catholic boy, which meant he made his confession every week. An edited version of that confession, but he and Father Coates both knew he was fudging a bit.

He was glad it was a Monday, because tonight, as he stood in front of Jason in his penthouse, Max would die with a clean soul.

“You were distracted,” Jason said flatly. “I asked you to help me find Elizabeth, to make sure she was okay. You found her, and she got away from you because you were distracted.”

“See, when you say it that way, it sounds so much worse than it actually is,” Max said. “She was standing there, and she didn’t want to come with me. I figured you could tell her I had my orders, but it’s not like I could drag her away, Jase. I thought you’d frown on that.”

“Explain to me again why I asked you just to keep an eye on her, and not only did she run away from you, but that you weredistracted enough not to know she was gone.”

“We’re getting stuck on that distracted part, aren’t we?” Max sighed. “Well, Patrick Drake told me he had it under control, and I was explaining to him I couldn’t trust him with Miss Webber. He’s a neurosurgeon. He wouldn’t take a punch for her. I always liked Miss Webber, you know that, Jase. She’s very nice, and she made Carly brownies when she thought Sonny was dead. She always made a batch for the guards. Cody never got over losing—”

He closed his mouth because Jason’s eyes narrowed. “That is to say, I still got men looking for her. Milo is on it, Cody and Marco volunteered—you wouldn’t believe how many of the guards remembered her. I don’t even know how they knew her—”

He closed his mouth, when Jason’s eyes remained icy. He was not talking himself out of this. “And this time, I told the guys, hey don’t bother her. Just keep an eye on her. Make sure she’s not in any danger. But you know, you could…” He licked his lips. And figured hell, he was already going to get assigned to guarding one of Sonny’s kids for this failure tonight, might as well make it worth it. “Youcould find her yourself.”

“I…” Jason paused. “I tried. But I’m not sure she’d wanted to see me. After all it was my…Sam that she saw with Lucky.”

“True.” Max nodded. “True. But it’s not like Miss Webber would hold that against you. She’s a sweet girl, Jase. Well, sweet woman.” And shit, that didn’t sound right because the muscles around Jason’s mouth tightened and Max remembered why he and Carly had enjoyed those brownies—Elizabeth had been seeing Jason then. Right. “Anyway. What I meant to say was is Miss Webber doesn’t seem to hold a grudge, you know. She even was going to be Courtney’s surrogate, despite all the crap that woman put her through—” And he stopped again, because damn it if this world wasn’t littered with mines.

He coughed. “She’d be less likely to run from you.” Except she had once. Twice. Maybe even three times.

Maybe Max should shoot himself and save Jason the trouble.

“This is all my fault,” the guard declared. “I let her get away—”

“Because you were distracted.”

“You keep saying that.”

“Max, you’re a guard,” Jason said with an air of disgust. “I trust you to guard the people close to me. To train other guards to look after Sonny, his kids. Carly. You know Elizabeth…” He muttered something under his breath. “How do you think it sounds that you let Elizabeth slip by you? Why did you even approach her? Did I say to talk to her? To annoy her? I told you she was having a bad night.”

Max closed his mouth because all of these things were true. “Well, truth be told, I was just so relieved to find her I just kind of blurted it out—” And he cringed. Guards didn’t blurt out information. “Listen, it’s just…Miss Webber’s different, Jase. You know that. She’s not part of this world. I didn’t think of her like I do Sonny or Carly, like someone who’s life is in danger. I just…she’s a nice girl who had a really bad thing happen to her. I didn’t want to just follow her around. I wanted to offer my help, my…sympathies.Something, you know. She deserves better than Lucky Spencer. Cody and Milo think so, as well. So I just…wanted to be nice to her. I really am sorry, Jase. But she looked okay when I saw her.”

He saw the tension slide from Jason’s shoulders and Max thought he’d bought himself a reprieve. “Maybe you should go look, Jase. She might want someone who knows how awful what happened is, you know? And you probably even know where to find her, if she wasn’t at her apartment or her grandmother’s. Where does she go to be alone?”

“I still want the guards out, and someone keeps an eye on her if they find her.” Jason said, reaching for his keys. Not the SUV keys, Max noted, but the motorcycle ones in the desk drawer. “I don’t want anyone else bothering her tonight.”

“Got it, Jase.”

“Try not to get distracted while I’m gone,” the boss tossed over his shoulder as he exited the penthouse. Max scowled.

“He’s not going to let that go, is he?” he asked the empty room.

For Part Six

– Who is sitting next to Lucky?

– What happened to Sonny and Sam?

– Hey, where’s Emily?

– How long does Jason have to look before he finds Elizabeth?


  • – Liked the lucky bit, not a fan of his reasoning. But can’t win them all. Whoever finds him should be a pre-fire person, Emily, Nicholas, etc. maybe even Luke. Not to remind him of who he was, but to acknowledge the change and kick his ass for screwing up anyway.
    – Loved Max, his explanation was a lot better. 🙂 He might have been digging a nice hole for himself, the history showed through all the way. And he rightly told Jason he would be the best person to track down Liz.
    – Great way to get Patrick out of the doghouse. He seemed to like it too.
    – Sonny and Sam, I hope he gave her a ride somewhere where Jason runs in to her. I’d like it if we could get that out of the way before Jason finds Liz. After that, heh, she can go do whatever.
    Sonny needs to tell Jason that he is sorry for what happened and ask if there is something he can do. you know; be a friend.
    – Jason could find some other people before he finds Liz. He was hurt too. Focusing on Liz might help him ignore the situation, but isn’t going to help him when he does find her. So there’s Emily, who I think can go a long way in helping him see that.
    – Can we get a Liz- Audrey moment? nothing fancy just enough to give grams a clear picture on how this was not Liz her doing and you stick by family and not by what you would like to see happen.
    The possibilities are endless, can’t wait to see which way we’re headed…

    According to Aradia on May 2, 2014
  • lovedit. think it is em that sat next to lucky. jason go find her and max is right he is the best person to track her down and hopefully it will be the next update

    According to Nicole Barnes on May 5, 2014
  • I think Maxi is sitting next to Lucky. I hope Jason does find Elizabeth and gives her a ride on his bike. Love Max trying to get out of the dog house. Sonny can take Sam to a safe house.

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  • such an interesting concept…

    ok– I think I like Emily sitting by Lucky… kick his butt from here to tomorrow. I hope Jason finds Elizabeth quickly and they have a nice long bike ride. Great how you got Patrick out of the doghouse. I don’t care where Sonny and Sam are really — but getting her out of town would be nice..

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  • I’m going with Jesse–his partner. They don’t have a long history and maybe Lucky can bring him up to speed and Jesses can help him find a ride out of town. Emily does nothing but baby him and Luke will just invite him to get drunk.

    Sam & Sonny are actually two of a kind and should have stayed together as a couple–they are both selfish and I can see limo sex in their future.

    I’m sure Emily is trying her best to find Elizabeth so she can convince her Lucky deserves his umpteenth chance. She should go ahead and give him a roll in the hay and get it over with.

    Jason will know where she is–so it could be the boxcar or Vista Pointe. He will of course take her on a ride to nowhere and let her scream her head off and then let her drive back home.

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  • I have an update in progress 🙂 Hope to have it soon!

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  • I am loving this! Thank you so much for accepting my membership. I cant get enough of your stories!

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  • I am so hooked on this idea but I can see how it’s hard to get inspired if you can’t see an endgame. If you don’t have an ending in mind, maybe you go ahead and figure it out, then have fun trying to get to it from all of our suggestions?

    Emily was who popped into my mind when someone sat down next to Lucky, but it might be more fun if it was Patrick or Carly, someone totally different with a very different viewpoint. Maybe Robin then Carly could sit down and chat with Luckless.

    As for Sam, she needs to lose everything, slowly and painfully, always, and as often as possible. I like a bitter, angry, vengeful Sam best. I also hate that she is a Cassadine, but if she must be, let her be full out evil.

    You could have some fun with Jason and Liz just missing each other for a while, with others telling Jason about Liz and him having to work hard to find her. Maybe, if he has to actually put some effort into it, he will start to remember all the reasons he loved her before they screwed it up.

    Liz needs to have someone to talk to who will help her see where she keeps going wrong too, but I don’t see that as Emily because she is too close to Lucky and Jason to see Liz’s side.

    I hope, when you get caught up on all the other wonderful stories you have going on, you will get inspired with this one again too.

    I can never get enough of Liason and you are so good at writing them. THANKS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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    1. Jesse
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    so please come back for a short update

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  • Ok so this might be centuries too late but I just found this story & I love it like I love all your stuff I’ve been discovering/rediscovering
    1. I guess Jesse finding lucky or maybe Nik. I was going to suggest Emily but since she’s her own question I assume it isn’t/wasn’t going to go that way. Although actually I think it would be kind of cool if it was Audrey to tell lucky off not kiss his ass but that might be a step too far of wishful thinking
    2. I actually think Sam & Sonny could have a good talk or semi friendship and cut through the bullshit of how Sam sees herself as a victim & Sonny tries to control everything, they could point out truths to each other
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    4. I’d like Liz to find Jason. Jason could be looking for Liz & Liz now thanks to Max (you wrote him very sweetly I enjoyed it) knows he’s looking for her and goes where she thinks he’d be, they could each be going places they think the other would go & thinking about the situation & their past & the memories port Charles holds for them when it comes to each other & to their failed relationships with Lucky & Sam

    This is the first story I’ve left a review on but I plan to change that and review/reread a bunch of stuff but it’s just you’re so good if there’s more to read I want to get on to it right away and forget lol

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