Part Four

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the Turning Points

Sonny Corinthos didn’t pull his hand back, merely left it hanging and when he didn’t answer, Sam slid her hand into his and allowed him to pull her to her feet. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Mike called,” Sonny replied. “Mentioned you might need a ride somewhere.” He scratched his chin. “I hear you got yourself into a spot of trouble.”

Sam chuckled bitterly. “Don’t be nice to me. You don’t mean it. I blew up my life and now you’re here to pick up the pieces.” She narrowed her eyes. “Why, exactly, are you going to the trouble?”

“Because of our daughter,” Sonny said bluntly. “I will watch out for you, I will worry about you for the sake of our daughter. But don’t for one second think that I’m taking your side in this. Jason didn’t deserve this, Sam.”

“We don’t deserve a lot of things that happen to us,” Sam said caustically. “Doesn’t stop them from happening all the same.” She stepped away from him. “I don’t need you. I don’t need Jason, I don’t need anyone to fix this.”

“That’s usually what Carly says right before she makes things worse,” Sonny warned.

“I’m not Carly,” Sam retorted. “I’m not your selfish and insane ex-wife, I’m not your perfect saintly sister, I’m not pretty porcelain Emily and I’m sure as hell not damsel in distress Elizabeth. I’m me.” She flattened her hand against her chest. “I’m wrong side of the tracks, white trash, con artist Sam. And I’m so sick and tired of pretending to be otherwise. So, yeah, I blew up my life, but maybe my life was just a fucking wasteland, Sonny.”

“You and Jason loved each other–”

“Jason loved the person I was trying to be,” Sam interrupted. “And I don’t like that person. That person had no life. Had no ambition, no life separate from Jason. And it was fine for the first year because it was nice to feel loved and wanted but I woke up one day and I realized that I didn’t know who that was in the mirror. My life revolves around Jason, and that makes me sick. And he didn’t even realize that I wasn’t real. So what the hell was this grand love all about?”


“And as for your saintly pity and concern,” Sam spat, “you can shove it because I don’t need you feeling sorry for me for the sake of a daughter you couldn’t give a shit about. You didn’t even bother to name her before you shoved her into the ground. You told the doctors not to bother.” She shoved him. “So get the hell out of my life and stay out. From now on, I’m on my own.”

“I don’t believe for that one for one second,” Patrick shook his head.

“Oh, it’s so true. I was thisclose to being the Face of Deception,” Elizabeth said earnestly. “But I decided I didn’t want to be a model and finally Lucky accepted the decision so Gia was chosen.” She wrinkled her nose. “Is it so hard to believe I could be a model?”

“That’s not a trap or anything,” he replied. “I remember when Brenda Barrett was the Face,” he said, fondly. “I had her picture in my locker for nearly a year in high school.”

Elizabeth snorted. “Don’t tell Robin that, that’s her best friend.”

Patrick straightened. “Are you kidding? Robin’s Brenda is the Brenda Barrett?” his face lit up. “Well, clearly, we’re going to have to go visit her in Italy.”

Elizabeth whacked him in the arm. “Pervert.” She narrowed her eyes. “So, what, I’m not model material?”

“Oh, you are definitely pretty enough to be a model,” Patrick said quickly. “But you don’t have the personality.” He shook his head. “You’re happier having dinner at home with your kid.”

“Hmm…nice save.” Elizabeth studied him for a moment. “Okay, well that was my closest brush with fame. And it’s my turn to ask a question. Were you ever in love before Robin?”

That’s not sneaky or anything,” Patrick grumbled. “Without admitting anything, no. I was never in love before. You?”

“Before Lucky, no,” Elizabeth shook her head. “But I’ve been in love twice before I married him. Lucky was in a fire and we thought he was dead, so Jason and I became close–”

“What is with all the women in this town and Jason freaking Morgan?” Patrick muttered. “Robin moves heaven and earth to save his life, Carly offers to sleep with me if I’ll perform the surgery, you dated him–”

“Carly will offer to sleep with a dog if she thinks there’s something in it for her,” Elizabeth said dryly. “And Jason is a wonderful person. You just don’t like to share the spotlight. Anyway, Jason and I were close but he left town and Lucky came home. When Jason came back, things were complicated but there was definitely something there. And I don’t think it was until he came home the last time that I realized that I had been in love with him since I was eighteen.” She sighed. “But our timing was never right so that fell apart. And then there was Ric, my first–and my second husband. I loved him but I never knew him, not really.”

“Three great loves,” Patrick remarked. “So much for the theory that there’s one person for all of us.”

“I still believe there is,” Elizabeth said. “I just don’t think I’m ever going to end up with him.” She sighed and tilted her head up to the stars. “Thank you for staying, Patrick. You really got my mind off things.” She paused. “But I think I’m ready to go now.”

“Great.” Patrick got to his feet. “So Brownstone? So I can take you to Robin and Bobbie?”

“No, I think I’d rather be alone,” Elizabeth replied honestly. “Seriously, I appreciate the effort and I will be sure to tell Robin that she’s got a very sweet boyfriend–”

“We’re not really into labels,” Patrick said uncomfortably.

“–but I’m just going to go and see my son at my grandmother’s.”

“Fine,” Patrick nodded. “I’ll walk you there.”

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes. “I can make it on my own.”

“I’ll just walk behind you if want you, but I’m not letting you walk around Port Charles by yourself at this time of night.” He shook his head. “Not going to happen.”

“Listen, if I wanted someone to be in charge of my life, I never would have moved out of my grandmother’s house,” Elizabeth said hotly. “I don’t need to be told where I can go and who I can go with.”

“Miss Webber, thank God!”

Elizabeth and Patrick turned to find Max Giambetti at the top of the stairs. “You would not believe how many places I have looked for you tonight,” he began.

Elizabeth frowned. “And why are you looking for me?” she asked curiously.

“Because Jason sent me to look for you–he’s got a few guys combing the city for you. I’m under orders to bring you back to the penthouse,” Max told her, joining them.

“Well, don’t worry, I’ve got it covered,” Patrick said arrogantly. “You can tell your boss I’m looking after her.”

“You are not,” Elizabeth said, irritated. “Max, I appreciate it–”

“If you’ll just come with me, Miss Webber, you can tell Jason to leave you alone but I got my orders–”

“I don’t give a damn about your orders,” Patrick stepped in front of Elizabeth. “I’ve got it under control and I’ll make sure she gets home safely–”

“And you were too sissy to do anything but throw a pool ball in bar fight,” Max remarked sardonically. “How you gonna protect Miss Webber if you’re not willing to get your hands dirty?”

“Hey, I was not injuring my hands over Emily Quartermaine,” Patrick retorted. “These hands are worth more than eight of you–”

“Exactly my point. You can see why I’m not leaving Miss Webber with a pansy ass neurosurgeon,” Max returned. “Now if you’ll just come with me–” he glanced around. “Miss Webber?”

Patrick frowned and turned to where he’d last seen Elizabeth. She was gone. “Elizabeth?” he called.

“Great, you lost her,” Max said disgustedly. “I just spent four hours looking for her and now I have to find her again.”

“I lost her?” Patrick repeated, offended. “Hey, buddy, she wasn’t running away from me until you showed up. This is clearly your fault!”

So in Part 5:

Do we get Lucky’s side of the story?

Does Jason find Elizabeth?

Does Patrick get out of the doghouse?


  • I hope if Elizabeth runs into Lucky she tells him to go away. Jason can come upon them and get rid of Lucky and then Elizabeth can yell at Jason about Do you know what nothing feels like. It comes full circle. Patrick was pretty funny talking to Elizabeth.

    According to starhine on May 7, 2014
  • I could care less about Lucky’s story, unless it is how he ended up at the bottom of the harbor…

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    as for Jason and Liz… I’d like to see him talk to her later… he’s got to get some clarity first…

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    According to Debbie on August 2, 2015
  • No to Luckys story…I am so sick of his excuses for everything.
    Is Jason even looking for her? Sounded like he just sent out others to search.
    Patrick in hot water is funny but Liz should eventually clear him.

    According to Laura on October 19, 2016
  • I would like to have Jason and Liz hook up and then Liz can tell him how she really feels about everything. Sam and Lucky deserve each other and Patrick was a riot. Loved these four chapters.

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    eh, let him go cry to Nick & Emily
    love this
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