Fanfiction 101

I started writing General Hospital fanfiction back in 1998. My earliest story was called Feels Like Home, a Lucky/Elizabeth fanfiction that connected the Cassadines with the last czars of Russia. Ha. It was pure crap but I loved every minute of it.  My printed copy was lost when my house burned down in 2000.

Anyway, having written off and on for sixteen years and have read it much longer than that, I thought I might have something to add to newer fanfiction writers — to the people who read fanfiction and wonder if they could do it, too. So I’ll ramble about my processes, using stories I’ve written or currently writing as case studies. If there are questions you might like answered, please feel free to ask. I love love love to talk about writing fanfiction because I think, in some ways, it can be more difficult than writing original prose due to the constraint of having to fit into an accepted view of characters and settings.

Some of the articles have a title that utilizes the word bible. I am using this term in its secular sense: a set of authoritative materials. Thanks 🙂