If you’ve clicked on this page, it means you want to skip the rest of the nonsense and come straight for the stories. So here is your one-stop shop for all the ways you can find some fanfiction to read.

Much of what you’re interested in can always be found on the left sidebar under STORIES, but here is a more detailed explanation.

  • In Progress Stories – This includes stories that are actively being posted (The Best Thing & All I Want For Christmas), it also includess stories are unfinished (Turning Points and Come On Eileen)
  • Complete: History & Complete: Universe are pretty self-explanatory. You can find all my completed full-length stories here.
  • Alternate Realities are stories that rewrite General Hospital from my perspective — either through an ongoing saga (Damaged) or a series of stories (Hand Me Down).
  • Series are short stories that are connected through a connecting theme, like The Adventures of Lucky and Lizzies, a series of stand-alone dialogue stories.
  • Ficlets and Short Stories are one-part stories that are divided only due to their length. Ficlets are less than 1500 words and are generally character studies or quick flashes. Short Stories can range up to 15,000 words.

But wait!

There’s another link under that section. What is Fiction Graveyard?

Over the last decade, I’ve started stories that just didn’t pan out. I’ve rewritten stories with which I was dissatisfied. Previously, I would just discard the old stories, leaving them to gather dust on my hard drive. Now, I’ve decided to post them back on the site. This site is under heavy construction because the stories are littered around various archives and are not formatted for posting. I add them as I have time.