Hey! For the last year or so, my Support page linked directly to Patreon where readers could sign up to make recurring donations in order to support the site. I’ve definitely shied away from suggesting that I’m charging for my content because, for the most part, I release everything I write for free on Crimson Glass while Patreons will often just see early drafts and a few cut scenes. They also get early access to ebooks, the ability to have input on my new flash fiction feature, and a few other tidbits. But by and large, when I write a story, it ends up on Crimson Glass for free.

That being said, the majority of my output are novels that, if I were not using GH characters, I could charge money for people to read. I have absolutely no interest in doing that — I adore the fanfiction community, and I love my readers. You guys keep this worth doing!

But the reason I originally started a Patreon remains the same — I’m not a college student anymore with no bills of my own.  I’m in my late thirties, working hard, and supporting my own household. I used to work a night job as a tutor that I left so that I’d have more free time after working all day. It’s no surprise that I’ve been able to write more since leaving that job in late 2018. My evenings are free, and so are my weekends. I wrote all For the Broken Girl while working full-time as a teacher all day and writing at night and on the weekends. I want to continue with that output, I do.

But I’ve just been dealt a bit of a setback in my expectations for next year.  I wasn’t hired in the district where I’ve been working as a long-term sub, and with Covid still a threat in NJ, how often I’ll be able to work as a per diem sub is also up in the air. I’m a bit nervous about this upcoming school year.

I wanted to update my support page with just a bit of an explanation of why it exists and some new options for supporting me. Those of you who support me monthly at Patreon, know that I love and adore you. We have a lot of fun there — or at least I do! If you’re interested, check out the page and the different levels of support available.  If you’re not interested in a recurring donation, I’ve set up a Paypal link for you to donate. I’ve also included my venmo information.

Even if you can’t support, please know that the replies and comments here and on Twitter have kept me going even on my worst days. I am an extremely lucky person to still have so many readers for a couple that hasn’t been on screen together in a decade.

Patreon – Recurring Donation Levels of $1, $3, $5, $7, $10

Paypal – One time

Venmo username: @melissasmchugh

For Paypal and Venmo, all one-time donations will get a one-time ability to suggest story ideas for anything I’ve got in progress or suggest a new series for the flash fiction feature.