Links Out

I am very much out of practice, and as a result a ton of my old stand-by sites have long disappeared. That being said, I have found a few that are still around. If you have a site, please let me know and I would be happy to link to it.

Java’s World of Fanfic: Beyond ridiculously excited to learn Chrissy’s fanfic is still on the web.

The Road to Nowhere: Jason and Elizabeth board I posted on once a upon time. They’ve branched out a bit, but are one of the few sites that appear to be active.

A Perfect Fit: I was ridiculously excited to find this still alone, as I remember LeaB from The Canvas. Her stories were always amazing.

General Hospital Alternate Realities: A lot of complete GH stories that have old school characters like Taggart, Dara Jensen, among others.

Memories in the Making: Another site I was excited to still find online, with a ton of different authors featured, including Joy, who was always one of my favorites.

Johnny & Nadine: Still online, but seems relatively abandoned. Still 😛

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