Legal Information & Distribution Policy

All stories, ideas, original characters, dialogue, words, puncutation belong to Melissa Susan McHugh and cannot be reproduced, changed or redistributed without the explicit and confirmed permission of the author. Any attempt to do so will result in an ass kicking. If you doubt me, just remember I’m a ginger from Jersey.

I have no affiliation with General Hospital, ABC, Disney, any of the cast or crew that works at any of the above companies. This site is meant for entertainment purposes and I do not own the characters that the show has created, though I wouldn’t mind owning Patrick or Dillon (Scott Clifton’s Dillon. I don’t know this new Dillon).

I’m just saying.

Distribution Policy
The only sites that have permission to archive and/or post my fanfiction are the following: (username: melissasusan)
Archive of our Own (username: crimsonglass)

After January 8, 2018, these sites no longer have my permission to distribute my fanfiction:
The Road to Nowhere Yuku Message Board (username: LissieLove)
Liason Underground Yuku Message Board (username: LissieLove)

If you see any of my stories after January 8, 2018 on any other site besides those listed above, please contact me immediately.