For the Broken Girl, Book 2: Why We Need a Sequel (#1)


  • For the Broken Girl, Book 2: Why We Need a Sequel (#1)

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    Why does Broken Girl, Book 1, need a sequel? I talk about how Book 1 narratively works on its own if you’re following just the LL2 marriage or the Liason relationship, but as an Elizabeth story, we needed more. I also included a clip that inspired the entire story when I was rewatching back in 2015. We get into my original vision for the story, how it’s changed, and what I know I’m struggling with going into the sequel. I know why I want to tell this story, but how do I do it?


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    • I hate to admit this but I was a fan of Jason with Sam because I also thought that Jason and Elizabeth were done and we would never get that pairing. I loved Greg’s Lucky. It was like you were reading my mibd about all the things GH did to ruin a character. He did abuse her and I couldn’t forgive that. Just like I couldn’t forgive Sam when she watched Jake get kidnapped and put the boys in danger at the park. Fans need to rewatch those scenes and watch the child actor’s (playing Cam) facial and physical reactions to that scene.

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