Updating Mad World Early

Update: Mad World, Book 4 – Chapter 107

Very sorry about missing Flash Fiction this morning. I went to my niece’s pageant last night and the auditorium seats did a number on my back and neck. I should have put ice on them when I came home, but instead, I woke up miserable and spent all day on the sofa, watching Sandman. (brillant btw). Last dose of ice and meds started to make me feel a bit better, and I didn’t want to miss a daily update, so I’m switching up the schedule.

Today, you get a Mad World chapter, and then tomorrow, you get the Scars update for Flash Fiction you were meant to get this morning. There’s a chance my nephew is coming over tomorrow, so that might not be precisely posted at 11, so we’ll see what happens.


  • Know about bad seats on your back Its no fun.

    According to leasmom on August 5, 2022