Updates to Daughters, Aurora Dawning and Few Words Too Many

Don’t you love London time? I’m in the middle of my morning here, at quarter to 10 AM and the rest of you lucky bastards are still asleep. Boo! Anyway 😛

Aurora Dawning has been updated through Day 5. There are two parts left, so this story will be finished on Saturday, and for the first time in many moons, all stories I’ve written and that still exist will be archived in one place.

I’ve started posting the new revised version of Daughters, so the first two chapters of that are up. I am nearly finished with the next two chapters, and may post them over the weekend or early next week.

Chapter Four of A Few Words Too Many is posted. The next new chapter is due on Monday.

In case you missed it, little Elizabeth ficlet, I Love The Way You Lie.

My writing and posting may slow a bit, as I have a lot to get ready for this month. I have a 13 page paper due on the influence of cosmopolitanism principles on early international law (which is about as much as fun as it sounds), and it’s due at the end of the month, along with a 15 minute German presentation. Oy. I also still have to write this silly dissertation due in September.


  • Day Six was great, love the story.

    According to Anonymous on April 5, 2014