Updates – Media Section & PD

So the media section had videos added today. Three for These Small Hours, a promo for The Best Thing (made today!), and a fan video for the beauty that was Matt Hunter back in 2008 when he first graced us with his presence. Before he got…broken.

I’ll sort out the slideshows later.

I have updated the contacts list with those of you who contacted me to tell me you’re receiving site emails. Let me know if you start receiving them. The email log is starting to work better, but I still don’t know if they’re being blocked by servers.

I also added Chapters Seven and Eight to Poisonous Dreams.

I’m embedding the promo for TBT here because I’m kind of okay with how it turned out :



  • Wow, loved the promo. Can’t wait til the story starts, so excited. I loved the song, really went well with the clips.

    According to shay on May 10, 2014