Updated Story Description

I updated a story description for the poll, and it’s vastly different than the original one, so I wanted to remark on it here. It’s currently in the lead, so I wanted to be sure people wanted to read it as it’s been plotted. I saw that it was winning so I sat down to jot down some thoughts and then spent an hour plotting it, because once the idea comes, you have to go with it.  The Webber family angle is going to be much more minor than I had anticipated. Title may also change at some point.

The Best Thing – Set in 2005. Sam died giving birth to her daughter and left custody to Jason, whom everyone believes is the father. He and Elizabeth reconnect as he struggles with the death of his friend and raising a child.  Her family returns to town to attend Audrey’s funeral, while Carly tries to convince Sonny to sue for custody of his daughter, after learning she cannot have more children of her own. Sonny begins to spiral into a dangerous breakdown, leading to a deadly power struggle with Jason that threatens everyone close to them. Jason/Elizabeth, Sonny/Carly, Johnny/Nadine (Because I’m a dork)


  • Still my favourite choice for a story – this description is even more intriguing than the original.

    According to Jo-Ann Rae on March 20, 2014