Updated Poll Choices Again

So I woke up at 6 AM to get a bus to get across London and to my coach stop by 7:15. Somehow, despite doing this, I still miss my 7:30 bus. I figure out what I did wrong, get another bus at 8 AM, but it’s a half hour late. By the time I get to Oxford, I’m exhausted, but still can’t check in until noon.

And for some reason, I spent the entire bus ride daydreaming about the new version of Damaged, which was originally slated to be an AJ/Elizabeth story, in the wake of him being cleared of Connie’s murder. It’s now clear that the morons that work at GH don’t love my beloved AJ nearly as much as I do (which I understand…because most people don’t) and he will not be cleared while he is alive. I can’t deal with writing about another character that got shafted, since I so regularly have to explain away Jason and Elizabeth in my stories over the last decade, and their moronic choices. (I can’t be with you or ever have a family. Ever. Except the moment our son is dead, the whore that watched him get kidnapped and threatened him can get her surgery, so we can go make a baby together we’ll raise. Whatever, Jason. Fuck off.) *cough* Ahem. Anyways.

So I updated that story description, as well as Mad World and Counting Stars, which I had finished plotting since I posted the poll. Those are the last stories that weren’t all together planned, so I shouldn’t have to update the poll again. If you’ve already voted, but like one of the new choices better, you have the option of changing your vote. Haha, I am super nervous Slide will win since I have done very little planning on that, but once you give readers the power 😛

New Descriptions:

1. Counting Stars – Set in 2000, after Jason leaves Port Charles the first time. Elizabeth asks Sonny to bring Jason home because she has something life-changing share with him. Once Jason returns, not everyone in Port Charles is happy to see him back in Elizabeth’s life, and may be willing to resort to drastic measures in order to keep him away. Would mostly be Jason/Elizabeth. Other characters/couples: Sonny/Alexis (friendship), Luke, Laura, Emily, Nikolas, Bobbie.

2. Mad World – Set in 2004. A huge ensemble story that begins with the rape of Ned and Lois’s daughter, Brook Lynn. Suspicion quickly falls on a specter from the past, which causes cop Lucky Spencer to wonder if he has what it takes to do this again, while Elizabeth struggles with her own memories in the wake of a difficult relationship with the father of her child. Jason is exhausted being who his friends need him to be, and Alexis learns that danger to children comes from everywhere, no matter who their father..  Jason/Elizabeth, Nikolas/Emily, Lucky/Original Character, some old-fashioned Jax/Alexis/Ned friendship, teensy Patrick/Robin (how could you have doubted me?), Ned/Lois, and some teens.

8. Damaged – Set in 2014. After AJ’s murder, Monica and Tracy struggle to put the fractured pieces of the Quartermaine family back together, beginning with Elizabeth’s son, Jake, and AJ’s son, Michael. Michael begins to believe that Sonny murdered his father, while Ava Jerome has an elaborate scheme to get what she considers her rightful inheritance–no matter who she destroys to get there. Characters/Couples: Michael/Starr (I loathe Kiki more than anything else in this world), Monica, Elizabeth, Tracy, Ned, Ava, Sonny, Carly, Todd (because no to Franco as well), Sam, Julian, Alexis (and others….who cannot be listed because you know…spoilers) Oh, and obviously I will be changing the crap out of the show. Jake never died  (because…just…no. I cannot write a world where my beloved Liason baby is dead.) Silas, Kiki and Franco do not exist. Morgan was never aged, because I have plans for Morgan and Cam to be BFFs. So…yeah…this story is going to be my FU to the entire last year of the show.  Will Jason end up being alive? I dunno. Maybe Ava’s plan involves the Cassadines. You just never know in my head.

Please vote in the poll if you haven’t already or would like to change your vote!


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