Updated PD

Hey, so in addition to updating Poisonous Dreams with Chapter 9, I’ve become aware that the plugin I use to send users an activation code for their accounts may not be compatible with the version of WordPress. I am happy send anyone their activation codes by email, so just let me know.

Thanks for letting me know when your updates are being sent by the site. I still haven’t heard from the vast majority of you, so either you just ignore these emails altogether, or you’re not receiving it. At least 20 people have been in touch with me, so that’s something. I am happy to continue manual updates even if a handful of you end up not getting the newsletter. As I’ve told several of you, if you care enough to get updates, I’ll do what I can to see that you get updated.

No ETA on posting The Best Thing quite yet. The first three chaptes are with my beta, and I won’t post until I’ve finished through chapter seven. I’m partway through chapter five, so that’s something.

I also, hah, spent some time sketching plots for some other ideas I had while watching my 2006 DVDs. I really enjoyed that year on GH, even though I spend so much time rewritng certain aspects. I think it had a great mix of characters and interactions that set up some great things, so even though I may rewrite it, I’m still happy with that year — until the great paternity debacle that screwed the next eight years up. (My God, how was it eight years ago? Where does the time go?)


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    I receive the site generate email. All is well. Thank you for effort you do. 🙂

    According to Jasmine on May 11, 2014