Updated PD & The Best Thing

I added Chapters Twelve and Thirteen to Poisonous Dreams. I should have that finished sometime next week, depending on my interest in finishing it off.

I forgot when I decided on a Tues/Friday schedule that my Fridays are pretty much fricked for the next few weeks. Ha. A friend arrives tomorrow, I go home for a week on a Friday, next Friday, I’ll be coming back from Ireland, etc. So we’re switching back to a Mon/Thurs schedule that worked decently enough for FWTM in the beginning.

And since I wanted to concentrate on my dissertation the rest of the day and then finish preparing my room, I posted The Best ThingChapter Two early.

A Note about TBT:

So over all four sites I posted this at (RTN, CG, AON, and FF) I had a few people suggesting Elizabeth be in the live in nanny. In my original outline, I actually had Elizabeth as a student nurse at General Hospital being more involved and moving in for a while, but I kept getting stuck on how to get them to reconnect. I finally discarded that concept because I didn’t want it to feel like they’d had a faux family experience and fell in love that way.

I wanted to channel their original love story—coming together at crossroads in their lives, talking, and just being there for one another, which is how I wrote a version of the opening scene. Plus, I love the idea of Elizabeth finally making a living from her art. So she won’t need to be a live-in nanny, because our girl gets a massive art opening in Chapter Six that makes her comfortable. I mentioned that she sold art in California in the first chapter, and will build on more later how that enabled her to survive until her show.

Also, this story more than anything else is going to be Jason’s story. A Few Words was definitely Elizabeth’s journey, but since the major theme in this is Jason’s loyalty, you’ll get his voice more often, particularly in the later chapters when that takes off. It’s going to be a challenge for me, one I might not have done once but I think I can do it. Though this chapter is Elizabeth’s POV, since he was the narrator in the first one.


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