Updated PD & Added Preview For AU Story

Site News

– Despite paying $15 for a plugin to allow me to see who is receiving emails and who is not, I still have not the first clue how many of you guys are able to enjoy the services of what everyone on the internet tells me is the most amazing subscription plugin ever. I know this, because I have looked eight hundred times for something to replace it.

– I currently have an email into my domain host to see if it is not the plugin, but rather my server blocking some of the emails. I am still receiving the emails, and I’ve heard from one or two of you tell me you are receiving them. If you have received emails with post updates (other than the manual ones) please please reply to the email and let me know, so I can pinpoint the trouble better.

Ebook News

– I am currently converting I Shall Believe and The Witness to prepare for ebook form, but they’re not currently in any condition to be ready soon. I can have Aurora Dawning and Daughters up faster, if people are interested, because I had already saved them in t right format.  Let me know by replying to this.

– I may be updating A Few Words, the ebook, to correct some types I found at some point this week. I will keep you informed.

Story News

– I added Chapter Three to Poisonous Dreams.

– I added a preview of Illusions, an AU fic that’s on my backburner, but it’s someting you guys haven’t seen yet, and I’m trying to make you guys not hate me for the update nonsense.

– Chapter 1 of The Best Thing is done. I’m going to write five chapters before I send it off to my beta, which means the earliest you guys could could have the first chapter is maybe sometime next week, if these five chapters cooperate, and if I haven’t already harassed my beta, Cora, into quitting. (I have a gift for such things).

– I have a dissertation meeting tomorrow and a German final on Wednesday, so we’ll see what happens.  I’m about to stop playing around with plugins and updates to go write


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