Updated Flash Fiction!

Updated: Invisible Strings – Part 12

Glad so many of you remember this story 🙂 And for those of you who didn’t, hope you were able to catch up. Already mourning the end of winter break, and I still have four full days left, lol. No chance of a winter storm to lengthen it — we’re in the 50s and even 60s next week. New Jersey weather is wild!

I took care of a bunch of housekeeping things:

  • Updated the status in the sidebar.
  • Added Counting Stars to the header image. I have to update the others.
  • Fixed the spacing there.
  • Removed Mad World updated and added Counting Stars.

I still have to update my Recent Updates page and add content to the Counting Stars subsite. Really hope you guys are enjoying this. I’m sure a lot of people read it during the alpha and beta draft rounds at Patreon, which I definitely appreciate, but I do miss hearing from you guys on which parts you liked. I guess I’m greedy 😉

I’m making some great progress at planning Fool Me Twice, Book 2. Around 35 chapters have been planned (which is, uh, half the story — we should all glad I’m breaking into smaller releases or you’d never read it) and 11 of them are soundtracked. I’ll start drafting on January 1 with an aim of finishing that first draft at the end of the month. I know that’s a short deadline, but that’s one of the reasons I broke it into smaller pieces.

See you tomorrow!


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